“Wang Hao,Follow your current speed,Ten years,Absolutely able to enter the second phase of the refining body。”

Hugu Master’s furry face,A face of old comprehension。
In fact, it seems to be embarrassed.。
He grinned,Menti Tao,“This can be more than your teacher.,I entered the second phase of the year.,For twenty years。”
Summer, a hammer is on the rooper of the snake knife,Huge anti-shock power instantly being taken into the fur,Rotating layer,Finally directly to the soul。
Follow,Soul shock,Introducing feedback between heaven and earth。
Immediately there is an invisible shock in the body。
But the summer is not dangerous.。
“teacher,No bar,Ten years before entering the second phase?
Time is too long。”
Hu Lu master slowly,A pair of panda eyes,Gaze。
“Ten years is still long?
Your kid is too unfounded.,Our body,Total is different from these ore billets.。”
Toned,Also,“These ore is coated,Do not http://www.99lebao.cn stop for half a year,It’s almost possible to drive away impurities.,But the human body is not,Because the human body is very complicated,Bits,I want to completely completely drive away impurities.,It’s almost impossible to do things.。”
He looks straight to the summer,“Moreover,We are now tapping ore gold ingots, etc.,In fact, don’t cherish it.,I really encountered the very rare material,Want to drive away impurities,At least a few years,Even decades,Hosts why it is precise and complex,It’s even more difficult。”
“Hammering impurities is the first stage,The second stage is to make the fusion energy,You will find it later.,Speed is slower。”
“Inad……”Summer continuous thirty-six hammer,From different directions,Different angles fall,I have a rushing metal vibrato。
Until this time,He asked,“Is http://www.youzhihuagui.cn there a way to speed up speed??”
Summer can’t wait for ten years,Too long。
If you need this long time,Then he wants to find another way。
It’s really impossible.,Only the soul is full,Then go back to receive inheritance。
Hugu Master refining body has been introduced,Hamming again later。
“There is a。”
Hu Lu master sighs a breath,“In the wild world,There is a spiritual solution called the blood of the god,There is a great advantage of any refining method,But this kind of spirit,Not we can get。”
Summer is watching,Not talking。
Continue to fight snake knives,It is also a rushful metal vibrato.,He puts the bough into the sink,Quench。
Then go outside,Sitting to Hu Lu Master,“teacher,What is the history of the blood of the god??
Did the blood of the gods??”
“Ha ha。”
Huilu Master。
His talent of this disciple is called a thousand years.,But in some basic knowledge,But always don’t understand。
“The blood of the god is just a kind of title,Exactly,The blood of the god is a kind of spirit called the beast,It is mixed with a spiritual solution called the millennium.。”
Beast Wang fruit?