“Be awkward!”

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Chapter 177 Go to Blood Sea
NS1749Chapter to the Blood Sea God
“Be awkward!”
Time god crushed,A powerful time is shrouded in Taiji,Too horizontal。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update
“Ha ha……I want to catch me.?impossible,You should use time gods when you start.,Fusion God’s right hand!”
That is too horizontal, there http://www.jszsaz.cn is a sudden disappearance in the void.,The right hand of the god who covered the sky was directly grabbed.,Void,Turn a mess。
“Time god!”
Kill,Hardy Road,Crane,Grassy grass,Several people of nine diluters have shocked,Some people have actually。
Time gods are extremely precious,Even if there is nothing on them?,General secondary force is hard to have,Of course, don’t rule out a few people,However, these second-through forces have dare to trouble。
“It’s him?”Fairy Sword Netson’s heart,The owner of this sound is too familiar with him.,It is too horizontal sound。
Fairy Sword Color Iron,Chinese murder。
“Xian Tianjian,You know the origin of this person?”At this time, the emperor is gloomy and gloomy looks to the fairy day.,His big hand slowly recovered from the void,This makes him very no face。
The right hand of http://www.ljyg0591.cn God has taken it out.,I actually didn’t arrest this person.。
“have no idea。”Xian Tianjian shakehead:“But listening to this voice is a little familiar,Once people have kill me,This is this person,I suspect that Lin Feng has a relationship.。”
“Lin Feng!”
Tell this,The emperor is gloomy。
“All right,Run away,Lin Feng expanded in the morning,Unless he doesn’t want God。”Fairy grass:“If you don’t come,Xian Tianjian,The previous agreement is free.。”
“We can’t catch him.。”Nine exterior people also sink。
“This nature,Everything is built in him。”Fairy day sword:“All right,Encore,When God is open,We will go in it.,He comes,Suppress,If you don’t come back,But I think he will come.。”
“it is good!”
Grassy grass,Nine exfoliation,Emperor,Kill,Hardy Road,Frenzy, the six strong people he nodded。
Shenyou Monte Temple,A deep mountain waterfall,Lin Feng closed the eyes,Suddenly, I opened my eyes.。
“Sea emperor,God Tibet has finally appeared。”Lin Feng smiles。
“it is good,it is good,it is good,Waiting for too long,Solve the gods,You can also practice peace of mind.。”Sea Emperor:“We now go to the blood sea now。”
“This nature,Can’t appear。”Lin Feng looked at the void:“Sea emperor,Seven ocean heart,Can you play a combat power in the blood sea??”
“Blood sea is also the sea,The same truth。”Haihuang is proud of a smile:“Do not worry,Or you can occupy an advantage when you fight for God。”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng stood up,Benefit:“This competition for blood sea god,This is looking forward to,A good spirit。”
“Yes,The treasure of the snake god eyes。”Haihuang laughs:“Be careful!”
“You are worried about him?”Lin Feng gods whispering,Although this snake god is not a real god,Can also be a day,Near the gods,Even if I fall,Also give yourself a backhand,Means almost counter。
“Can you worry??This life is sinister,I have left a means in Jiuqi Shenzhou.。”Hai Huang smirk:“This elder end will be very miserable。”
“This is no matter what my thing is.,go,Transfer directly to the nearest area,Then you directly tear the space,I wrapped in the power of fate.,Can’t let people track。”Lin Feng Shen Sheng。
“This nature!”Haihuang carrier hands http://www.wanwan998.cn smile:“Beibun Shenjia this time I wear,More powerful。”
“Ha ha,do not worry,I don’t need any defensive baby at all.。”Lin Feng haha smiled,He has the hands of the leadership and fate of the palm,Can allocate countless attacks。
“Boy,Don’t underestimate them,These characters that ferry,Especially those who have been born in great forces,Once it is very horrible, it is very horrible.,This is not the emperor of you by you.。”Haihuang laughs。