How strange is this。Not to mention our Great Zhou Dynasty,In addition, the royal families of the five countries are mostly disciples of the Holy Heaven!”

Chen Xiu thought:“That’s it!
so,The prehistoric continent is ruled by Zongmen,The so-called dynasty is just like the wolf gang,Dynasty is actually just a walk from the Holy Heaven GateiJust a dog。”
Daniel was born in Longxi Village since childhood、Longxi Village,I only know a general idea about the things on the prehistoric continent,I don’t know much better than Chen Xiu,Can’t help but ask curiously:“Six Kingdoms, I know that Song Kingdom is next to us in the Great Zhou Dynasty、Wu Guo、Zhao Guo、The tribal alliance of South Vietnam and Nanban,These three gangs are those three again?”FEΙSǖм
“The Three Gangs are the Jiaolong Gang that controls the Yangtze River.,It is said that the leader of the Jiaolong Gang was originally a true disciple of the Holy Heaven Gate,It’s just because later and the contemporary Sacred Gate Sect Master failed to compete for the position of Sect Master,It’s in the Yangtze River Basin that he founded the Jiaolong Gang。
Although the Jiaolong Gang is also under the jurisdiction of the Holy Heaven Gate,It is also nominally with Shengtianmen as the sovereign,But it is different from the Six Nations,Never give tribute to the Holy Heaven Gate;
In addition, there are Qijiemen and?Blood Palace,Their founder is also a true disciple of the Holy Heaven Sect, just like Long Jianzhou, the leader of the Jiaolong Gang.,And don’t pay tribute to the Holy Heaven Gate!”
Chen Xiu is thinking:“so,The Three Gangs seem to have failed in the struggle for power in the Holy Heaven Gate,The existence of self-reliance;The Six Kingdoms are just the agents of the Holy Tianmen to manage the secular。”
Chen Xiu asked curiously:“How does the Holy Heaven Gate allow the existence of the Three Gangs?”
Lin Tianfu said with a smile:“The prehistoric continent speaks of strength,Rumor has it that the helms of the Three Gangs have amazing cultivation,Still above the master of the holy heaven gate。If the holy gate comes out,Also has the ability to destroy the Three Gangs。
But there are another thirty-five orthodox sects and magic gates on the prehistoric continent.,The master of the Holy Heaven Gate is thinking twice,Think that internal friction will only take advantage of others,That’s why it keeps hiding。”
Chen Xiu was surprised:“It seems that the large and complicated relationship of the prehistoric continent is more chaotic than on the earth!”
It’s reasonable to think about it again:“It has been tens of thousands of years since the thirty-six sects moved to the prehistoric continent,The history of civilization is longer than the current human civilization on earth,population、The region is not comparable on the earth,It is normal that the relationship is complicated!”
Daniel suddenly said:“its not right,Since our Great Zhou Dynasty is the same suzerain as Wu Guo,Why fight with Wu Guo now??Don’t you care about Shengtianmen??”
Chen Xiu said:“It’s nothing strange,Before in Qinghe Town, Dadao would fight against the wolf gang,The government doesn’t care。The same is true for Saint,They are Li people no matter who will rule the world,As long as someone pays enough tax to them every year!”
Lin Tianfu said with a smile:“Brother Chen is right,This is the truth。But those things at the Holy Heaven Gate are still too far away from us,Our cultivation base is nothing but ants in their eyes,I’m still trying to figure out how to catch WuiYiru is the business。”
He Tianshu said:“Dart head,WuiYiru’s things can be put aside,I think the most important thing right now is how to roast and eat the tiger and bear in the hands of Brother Daniel.!”
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