Liu Rushi really doesn’t want this,It’s alright, I didn’t get along with Qin Liang.,But never expected,When I was in trouble,It happened that he saved himself and his mother again,How to face her in the future,Liu Rushi is a little confused……

She wants to walk by herself,But the pain is terrible,Obviously she can’t take care of herself now,So even though I feel embarrassed,But I had to accept Qin Liang’s care。
Mama Liu’s injury is more serious,She was hit with a heavy object on the head,Have minor fractures and severe disturbances,Need to be rescued immediately,Liu Rushi’s injury is relatively lighter,She is basically traumatized,No life threatening。
But Liu Rushi still encountered an insurmountable problem;Whether it’s rescue or treatment,You need to pay a deposit first,And she now,No money……
So when she heard the doctor say that the deposit amount to be paid in advance is 200,000,She was stupid almost immediately。
Even if she goes bankrupt now,I can’t get the money,Regardless of her,Still her mother,Have no friends,and so,This problem,She has no solution。
Qin Liang is well aware of Liu Rushi’s current family situation,So he didn’t even ask,He used his card to pay the deposit,Then let Liu Xiaoyun stay outside the rescue room,I continued to hold Liu Rushi in the surgical treatment room, waiting for the doctor to treat her。
“Qin Liang……My injury is not serious,Don’t need treatment anymore……”
Hesitated for a while,Liu Rushi still had to whisper to Qin Liang。
“what are you saying?Your injury is not serious?Bruised nose,Bruises and bruises all over the body,Not heavy yet?How heavy?Really!”
Qin Liang misunderstood Liu Rushi’s meaning,He thought Liu Rushi was still playing a little arrogant temper with himself at this time。
“I’m fine,I can heal my injury in a few days……”
Liu Rushi can’t tell the real reason。
“Poem,I know you have strong self-esteem,Want face,But it’s a matter of priority,at this time,You should be obedient。”
Qin Liang didn’t dare to go deeper,Just lightly clicked her。
“Is not……That is not what i mean。”
Of course Liu Rushi understands what Qin Liang said,She felt that if she didn’t tell the real reason,,I’m afraid Qin Liang will misunderstand himself,She didn’t want Qin Liang to misunderstand,People lend a helping hand in times of crisis,I still look like I’m a thousand miles away……
“Then what do you mean?”
Qin Liang is more worried about Mother Liu’s injury at the moment,So I didn’t carefully guess Liu Rushi’s mind at this moment。