Yang Zhi pointed in a direction and said。

original,After Yang Zhi took the second group of people down the mountain,,At a distance of 500 meters from the car,Leave one person first,Responsible for monitoring the surroundings,And Yang Zhi took the other three people,Quietly touched the back of the car……
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Chapter Seven Hundred and Forty Six Eat something what is this?
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Eat something what is this?
The brother in charge of vigilance,The car drove straight to the hill where Qin Liang and the others are located,Drive all the way to the foot of the mountain,Yang Zhi contacted Qin Liang on the walkie-talkie,Qin Liang brought the other special forces down the mountain,Meet everyone in the car。
After the greeting,The two intelligence personnel explained the detailed situation to the special commando team again,And put the surrounding geography,Especially the detailed environment of the rebel lair where the hostages were held,I gave a detailed explanation one by one。
“How many rebels are stationed there?”
Qin Liangwen,This is what he most urgently wants to know。
“There are at least five hundred people。”
The older man answered。
The special forces looked at each other,Ten people want to rescue the hostages from five hundred people,This task is a bit of a night lake。
“And there are heavy weapons,There are four armored vehicles in the yard。”