Why Broken Ten is Su Bingtian’s technological transformation + breakthrough in time and location

Why “Broken Ten” is Su Bingtian’s technological transformation + breakthrough in time and location
The United States Eugene’s stadium once again witnessed the legendary record of the yellow race.  Yesterday morning Beijing time, in the men’s 100m race of the 2015 IAAF Diamond League Eugene Station, Chinese star Su Bingtian won the third place with a score of 9 seconds and 99, breaking the national record of 10 seconds created by Zhang Peimeng two years agoThe best performance of the yellow race in the 100m race.  At 9:99, Su Bingtian became the well-deserved first person in Asia. He also fulfilled the long-cherished wish of several generations of Chinese flying men to break through the 10-second mark.It is worth mentioning that Liu Xiang witnessed the moment when Su Bingtian broke through history at the scene of the competition. At the same time, it is considered to be the heritage of the Chinese trapeze in a certain sense.9 seconds 99 to create the history of the yellow race. Last morning, Su Bingtian was wearing a red shirt and pedaling white boots.The gun shot in the game, Su Bingtian played normally at the start. He was followed by other players with a 30-meter advantage.In the middle of the run, Su Bingtian and the American star Rogers remained in the first place.After entering the 60 meters, the former World Championship champion Guy later came up, Su Bingtian slightly behind, and Jamaican star Carter, Collins maintained a competitive situation.In the sprint stage, Su Bingtian maintained his advantage, 9 seconds 99, ranked Guy, Rogers won the third place.  On-site data showed that the wind speed of the match was downwind 1.5 meters per second, in line with the IAAF regulations on the wind speed of the competition, Su Bingtian successfully created a new history of the yellow race 100 meters.It is a starting point for China for me to fight for the Chinese. It is a starting point for China. As the first person in China, I am very proud to write my name in history.But in the future, I will continue to work hard not to be complacent because of this achievement.Su Bingtian said in an interview after the game.  Before Su Bingtian, his teammate Zhang Peimeng had a 10-second run at the 2013 World Championships, tying the former Asian record created by Japanese player Ito Koji at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok.In the Asian arena, only Ogunod and Francis passed the 10-second mark, but both were Nigerians before they were naturalized in Qatar.In other words, this time Su Bingtian ran into 10 seconds and became the well-deserved first person in Asia.  Su Bingtian said that he was particularly relaxed and very stateful in the game.I told myself to seize the opportunity.For me, there are not many opportunities to participate in such a large competition.This game should be my last big single event before the World Championships.I did it, and I’m fighting for the Chinese!Why is Su Bingtian comprehensively breaking ten?Technical transformation + time and place After the Moscow World Championships created a good result of 10 seconds, everyone is expecting Zhang Peimeng to break through the 10 second mark as soon as possible, but why is it that Su Bingtian ultimately achieved this goal?  First, technological transformation helped Su Bingtian take off.At the end of last year, when Su Bingtian was training in the United States, the foreign coach who instructed him found that his original first-first right-foot starting method was not very scientific, so he guided him to carry out technical transformation. At present, Su Bingtian uses the new technology of starting first-left foot.In addition, Su Bingtian’s previous running rhythm is not very good. To improve his performance, he needs to establish a natural transition from starting to midway running, gradually accelerating and gradually maintaining the highest speed in the second half of the rhythm.During the winter training in the United States at the end of last year, with the help of his coach Yuan Guoqiang and foreign coaches, Su Bingtian successfully carried out technical transformation.  On average, Eugene in the United States is a famous track and field town, where the geographical and weather conditions are suitable for track and field athletes to produce good results.The same field of competition with powerful masters is also a key factor for Su Bingtian to create good results.Comprehensive Liu Xiang witnessed the 100-meter miracle at the scene where Su Bingtian created the 100-meter miracle, there was another Chinese flying person Liu Xiang who was present at the scene, and the Eugene Station was the place where Liu Xiang was at that time.  At 5:08 yesterday, shortly after Su Bingtian finished the game, Liu Xiang uploaded photos of Su Bingtian before and after the game and a group photo of them on his Weibo.In the photo, both of them were smiling and allowed the camera to give a thumbs up directly. It was fortunate to witness the new 100-meter record of Chinese men. Su Bingtian is really great!For Su Bingtian’s historic performance, Liu Xiang, a Chinese flying man, is also exciting.  It is worth mentioning that the Eugene Station has always been a good place for Liu Xiang to fight in track and field.This time, this field once again brought good luck to Chinese players.  At the peak of his sports career, Liu Xiang won the championship for three consecutive years from 2005 to 2007. Eugene stood as a veritable blessing place for Liu Xiang. In the recovery stage after the 2008 Olympic Games, Liu Xiang first came back in 2011.After the best result, in 2012, he ran out of 12 seconds and 87 to win the championship. Unfortunately, because the wind speed exceeded the normal wind speed during the game, Liu Xiang’s performance was not recognized as a tie to the world record.Among the low-key trapeze Chinese track and field corps, Su Bingtian has never been the most eye-catching.Two years ago at the Moscow World Championships, teammate Zhang Peimeng ran out of 10 seconds.In the mixed interview area, Su Bingtian’s lonely figure was left unattended.Even at the Beijing Track and Field Challenge 10 days ago, Su Bingtian ran out for 10 seconds and 06. In the mixed interview area, most of the reporters still surround Zhang Peimeng.  Without envy, jealousy and hatred, and a smile on his face, this is Su Bingtian.Su Bingtian’s low-key may be related to his way of becoming a talent. He was born in a non-sports class. At the beginning of his career, he ran dull in the mud every day with no goal.Su Bingtian’s low profile is also related to his hobbies-like reading and using his brain, which is what people around him think of Su Bingtian.Studying Jinan University’s International Economics and Trade major, Su Bingtian has performed well in the past five semesters. The low-key flying man, the only thing in his life that can reflect his domineering track is another detail-from a small age, Su Bingtian likes itRide a motorcycle.The ultimate pursuit of speed has already begun since then.