Liu Qingqing has also left,Explore a finger,Gently, I got my little guy.。

“Be cute……”Motherhood brilliance is in the pretty face of Liu Qingqing,Let her look softly。
Little guy is ignorant,Don’t cry, no trouble,Pure eyes look at two people in their own perspective,Some curiosity。
“Summer is quick to see,She laughed with me.,Not recognized at all。”
Liu Qingqing grabs the summer arm,Surprise smile on your face。
This begins in Miao Yi and the leaves.,Both people look at each other,I saw the complexity of each other.。
One wants to say,One is gently shaking head。
And at this time,Summer standing up,Looking forward to Miao Yi,Face, really smile,“Miss Mi,Let the child recognize me,I really like her。”
“Um,good,Thank you,Thank you。”
Miao Yi’s nod,Not perceived,Squeeze the smile immediately,“Ice, if you know, you have a dry,Will be very happy。”
Although Miao Yi is a bit private,But after all, it is an adult.。
I have already known that the summer is not ordinary people.,Even the big scary。
Especially think that she is in the summer day.,Own performance,So face the summer again,More than a little。
But can’t deny a little,Children’s birth,There is a great relationship with this youth in front of you.。
“Ice and snow?”
Summer,Slightly frown,Immediately stretch,“Kid name?”
The expression on Miao Yi is more complicated.,“Her name is Xia Bingxue,Mr. Xia……”Mr. Xia,Naturally a summer cloud。
“Haha,Good name。”
Summer is now smiling,“So to say,I am also a daughter.?
Speech,Kneel again again,Explore a finger touching the cheek of the little guy,Laughing,“Ice and snow,Dad……”Look at him,Liu Qingqing in the side also laughed up。
Since it starts this name,So some answers have not been priest。
Miao Yi is still a choice。
But,fair enough。
Liu Qingqing has begun planning,Waiting for a child to pick back to Qinghai for a hundred days.,I will give her the best everything.。
She doesn’t know what I think.,Pretty face,Spring flow in your eyes。
Summer, I don’t know what Liu Qing is thinking,But also understand the deep meaning of Miao Yi this sentence。
He stood up again,Whisper,“Miss Miao please rest assured,I will definitely regard the ice and snow as my own biological daughter.,Never let her receive any grievances……”Say,Sound is getting low,Brow。