Lu Hao Cheng:“I am also managing the company.,There is a journey,I have a relaxed day.,I have struggled for so many years.,I should still rest.,It is your young man’s world.。”

Lu Wei is not talking about,The mood is not too smooth,He sits down,Not a while,Blue Xin has a cup of warm water。
“Xiao Jun,Drink some hot water first。”
“thanks Mom!”Lu Weijun took a cup,Drink a half glass water。
After breakfast,He returns to the room to change clothes。
See the scratches behind the back,His lips are slightly rising,Wear silk black shirt,Black straight trousers,The bodies of the troops, such as jade, have been wrapped in a cold。
He turned to the building,Song Yu has been waiting for the living room.。
“President,I have a very early course nine this morning.,There is a dinner party with the partnership at noon.,There is a North City inspection in the afternoon.。”Song Yu said today’s itinerary。
Lu Weijun listened to entertainment,The whole person is uncomfortable,Today, Dad retire,Uncle Europe also retired,Go home and manage family business。
Now the Chali Group is really only a young generation.,Only mothers or the chairman of Yida Group,That’s because my mother doesn’t have a suitable person.。
Otherwise, he will become more busy.!
Lu Wei’s lips,Three months,He still does not adapt to the scene of this kind of entertainment and the snake snake。
“Let it go。”His depth。
“Be,President。”Song Yu carefully followed him,I don’t know why.,He always feels that the president is not happy today.。
Too,When did the president have been happy??
“correct,President,Today, a new designer,Officially started today。”
“Um!understood。”Lu Weijun。
Yue Lingxi woke up when the alarm was rang for the third time.,Open your eyes,Looking at the bright sunlight,She silently gets up。
After washing,She took a car to my friend Tang Yiyi family.。
When I came out of the family yesterday.,She put my baggage in my friends.。
Tang Yiyi lives in ordinary communities,normal family,It is the best friend before Yue Lingxi goes out of the country.。
“Boast……”She knocked on the door。
soon,A long appearance,Tie head,PinkTShirt,Girl in cowboy shorts explore the head,Look at Yue Lingxi,Very happy。Tang Yi smiled:“Xixi,You came,come on in。”
NS2332chapter You can’t escape3
“Um!Depend,Is a aunt going to work??”
Yue Lingxi smiled and went in。
“Um!My mother is working hours.,My father night shift。”
Tang Yiyi is a small three room house,Packed clean and tidy,Lovely。
“Xixi,Have you eaten breakfast??
My mother heard that you are coming.,Special porridge and fried fried strips?”