“Help you peel an apple。”Qiao sister broke the silence,The small table is full of various fruits that everyone brought,She picked up a Red Marshal casually。

“You go back and rest,People lose weight。I’m fine here。”Li Tianchou is not polite,Qiao’s injury is serious,Seeing so thin and haggard,Obviously holding on。
Sister Qiao did not answer,Pick up the knife and start to peel the apple。Slender fingers,Knife issued“Chuck”The sound of,Staring carefully at the apple in his hand,Long eyelashes or blink,Like a beautiful and quiet picture,Li Tianchou looked a little crazy。
Minutes of time,The apple is peeled,Qiao sister put away the knife,Pull the peel gently,Long flaking circles,Unbroken,Really good craftsmanship。
“Go back to sleep。”Took the apple,Li Tianchou still insists on persuading。
“Ok,I’m going back。”Sister Qiao nodded and responded,Did not persist as expected。
“be careful。”Li Tianchou’s exhortation,I feel a little lost。Until Sister http://www.kali-linux.cn Qiao closes the door,Footsteps go away,He was still holding an apple in a daze。There is an indescribable sadness and sadness between Qiao’s eyebrows,What’s wrong?To no avail after thinking for a long time,Just gnawed up the apple。
Lie down for a while,Trouble is coming,Faint swelling of the bladder,Damn pee,Li Tianchou is a little dumbfounded。He dare not move easily,Doctor’s advice,At least two more days,The wound can scar,And the location of the gunshot wound is not good,Very influential in action。He rejected the doctor’s suggestion to insert a drainage tube,Big man’s,What does it look like to tie a tube below。But if the wound is cracked, it will be very annoying,He doesn’t want to cause trouble for everyone。Hold it back,Waiting for Hong Mao to come。
Hongmao and a group of big men,Never served anyone,Don’t know how to take http://www.jurenpx.cn care,The point is that no one is left to help。I can’t blame him for his negligence,Everyone split up to find money,Even the captain has done his job to fortune telling and deceiving people。at this time,One less person, one less strength,Even so, I don’t know when I can pay back his brother’s money。
Akun has been in a panic these past few days,Dare not go home,I’ve been hiding in a rental room that few people know about,Not even contacting his younger brother。Originally a moment,Betrayed Mahjong by Xiaoyong’s bewitching,Take refuge in Wang Zhaokun,In the future, I hope to hold Biao Qi’s thigh,But I didn’t expect it to be useless in the bastard,Was directly disabled。This is terrible,Nobody cares about him,Mahjong is probably looking for him all over the world now,If this is caught,You have to peel the skin if you don’t die,Regret http://www.inewart.cn in my heart。
Empty in my pocket,I don’t even have enough money for a meal。After one day,I can’t stand the hungry,Ruthlessly went out to the side street to buy a bowl of instant noodles,Then ran back to the room like a rabbit,Haven’t closed the door yet,A board-inch man wearing sunglasses squeezed in as soon as he flashed himself,Ah Kun almost threw the instant noodles in his hand。
“Hey,What are you doing?Who to look for?”Akun trembling questioning。
“Kun Ge,I’ve been unhappy lately。”The man in sunglasses smiled and brought it to the door。
Akun sees clearly,The other party is not a mahjong person,This is only a little relieved。But this person knows himself,Could it be sent by the bastard Wang Zhaokun?? “Who are you you?Did you find the wrong person??”
“Why is the famous brother Kun as evasive as a young wife?”Man in sunglasses sits on a chair,The smile on his face is stronger。“Why stand?Sit down and chat for a while。”
“Buddies,I never knew you,There seems to be nothing to talk about?”Akun quickly recovered his composure,I’ve seen a few scenes after all,But I just saw it。
“Haha,Once again,Second cooked,Brother Kun seems to be avoiding disaster。”
“Speak straight,Why not avoid misfortune,I do not understand。”
“Brother Kun is pretending to be confused,Mahjong is looking for you all over the world,Won’t you be invited to dinner?。”
“Ha ha,joke,Mahjong is my big brother,Does he find me to care about you??”Akun’s heart shivered,But forcefully calm。