His eyes,Balt,Anger became a sudden,Flaw,Face twisted。

Transform process,I can even see the micro-faces of his face.。
(This chapter is over)
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NS1163chapter Young people you can know
No one will think,Summer saying hands.
Decisive to the extreme。
Hurt the pole。
No one is hesitant。
http://www.yifanhuashi.cn The face of Gu Zhenjiang is full of stunning,In the heart, it is even more emblem.,Have a very strong unlikely。
Is it like this?……died?
A blank in the mind。
Suddenly,The sound of golden iron strikes from the Yangtze Town。
In the field of view, shooting a slap in the field。
In front of him,Stand with a person。
This is a head,Man wearing gray robe,Silver long hanging behind,As if the ancients are general。
And the five senses on his face can’t see a hint of hint.,What is still a middle-aged middle-aged person,Nose,Deep,Give people a deep feeling。
At this moment, his robe is violently,And in his fingers, a long sword with summer sharp edges rapidly,Knife, swords, moving,Both http://www.ycsykyw.cn sides。
All this happens too fast。
No one saw how the man appeared。
Even if the pupil in the summer is also a shrinkage,Gradient to the opponent,Murder。
And he perceived,The expression on the face of the ancient town river is behind a short period of time.,Immediately become happy。
“Who are you?”
Summary has guess,But still asked。
“You are not qualified to know my identity。”
Men’s voice calmless,Like a thing that is a prescription,Never put it out,Is a self-confidence that derived from mentality。
Gu Zhenjiang also biting his teeth and drinking,“Mr.,kill him!”
Men can not seize the eyebrows,Cold and cold channel,“young people!You can know?”
Summer gas is condensed,Look straight,Do not speak。
“how?You still want to do it with me.?”
Men smile coldly,Sword,“I will give you an http://www.riguangfadian.cn opportunity for you.,Kneel!”
“You say one more!”
Summary in summer staring at him。
Why,In this moment,The man’s body is tight,Upper hair is also in an instant。
He stops,Dient of the look is extreme。
Just a moment,Summer brings him that it has been dangerous to the extreme feeling。
That is to threaten his life.。