Said on the phone:“Received BeijingdPhone of County Public Security Bureau,They had a village where they had a full moon wine yesterday,Almost everyone in the village was poisoned,The other died on the way to the hospital,After investigation,Drank fake wine,This fake wine is produced by our Kangzhou winery,Currently the local distributor has been controlled,Ask us to cooperate,Quickly seal the winery,Seize their accounts,Head of control winery,dThe county’s case handlers are on their way to our place(Absolute power:Official career growth193chapter)。”
“Got it,I’ll go back soon。”After taking up,Shang Demin said:“problem occurs!”
Just now,From the phone,Wang Jiadong almost understood,What did he just say,My phone rang,It’s the phone number of the secretary of Jin’an Municipal Law Committee,Same as Shang Demin’s phone。Wang Jiadong says:“I know,Arrange now。”
hang up the phone,Wang Jiadong is walking in the house,Shang Demin and Peng Changyi both looked at him,At last,Wang Jiadong says:“Considering the special relationship of this winery,Secretary Zhong must know about this。”
Demin nodded。
Wang Jiadong immediately called Zhong Mingyi,Zhong Mingyi was connected soon,Wang Jiadong didn’t say a new year,Go straight:“Secretary Zhong,I have an urgent matter to report to you……”He then repeated the content of the phone call from the Jin’an Political and Legal Committee to Zhong Mingyi,Zhong Mingyi didn’t hesitate,Said:“Fake wine drank people to death,No one can do it,Secretary Wang,You arrange it,Fully cooperate with Beijing to investigate this matter。”
Wang Jiadong thought,Maybe Zhong Mingyi knew about it a long time ago,Yesterday,It should be the first letter from the winery。Shang Demin sent someone to the winery,It can only store products and production workshops,Sure people can’t catch。Put down the phone,Wang Jiadong says:“Demin,You go to decorate,My phone is on,Contact。”
Shang Demin said:“it is good,I’ll be back。”Talking,Strode out。
Wang Jiadong continued to pace the house,Peng Changyi sat motionless on the sofa。Wang Jiadong stop,Looked at him and said:“what happened,not talking?”
Peng Changyi sighed,Said:“I’m thinking,The loan from our foundation to the winery,This time it must have been hit by water。”
Wang Jiadong walked to him,Said:“Your kid is really good,Like a rich native,Always thinking about the loan from your foundation,But if it goes bankrupt,You may have to recover the loan。”
Peng Changyi lowered his head and said nothing。
Wang Jiadong said:“Who is on duty today?”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“The government is Mayor Zhang,The municipal party committee is……Is it Secretary Cui??”
Wang Jiadong nodded,Said:“go,You follow me to work。”