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206 I do not care
“Boss Zhu,Don’t get angry,Let’s discuss it carefully,Win-win cooperation,All to eat。”Wang San persuades。
Zhu Yi remembered,Zhao Gang repeatedly told himself,Hold the opponent first,Give money if you want,Think of a solution later,And today he knows that he cannot avenge him,Can only settle accounts later,then,Sigh,Suppress anger,Ask Fang Na,“How much do you plan to ask?”
“One hundred thousand。”Fang Na crossed the index fingers of both hands,Made a ten pose。
“One hundred thousand,I agree,I’ll give you,Since then we have both cleaned up,Photos and negatives to me。”Zhu Yi breathed a sigh of relief,He didn’t expect that this woman would only cost one hundred thousand。
Fang Na presses the cigarette butt http://www.120asd.cninto the ashtray,Watching the extinguished ashes,Laughed,“Boss Zhu laughed,You may not figure it out,Is 100,000 per month。”
Zhu Yi was taken aback,Looking at Fang Na,“You mean,My company is opened for you?100,000 per month,What a joke?”
“100,000 per month,Your company can’t collapse,I still know your business very well,I still save you some,My heart is not black,Right?”Fang Na asked with a smile。
Zhao Gang and Zhang Siwei and Zhu Yi said in advance,No matter what happens, endure first,Discuss with everyone。
So Zhu Yi wanted to swear,Still hold back,stand up,“Wait for me to think about it,I’ll reply you later。”Go out after talking。
“I hope you reply as soon as possible,I don’t have much patience,Won’t wait long。”Fang Na said behind him。
Come home,Zhu Yi immediately contacted Zhao http://www.jianyue-ad.cn Gang and Zhang Siwei,The three people discuss what to do next。
“Not spend a penny,With a few photos,I just want to earn 100,000 yuan every month?You let her die!”Zhao Gang heard what Zhu Yi said,Roared angrily。
“It seems,She won’t let you go,You have to hurry up,Quickly sold the company,The house is also sold,Sell everything,When it becomes money, run quickly,Just find a remote place to live,Don’t come back,Long time,Let’s talk about it after this。”Zhang Siwei said。
Zhu Yi embarrassed,“I am leaving,What do my dad do?”
“Not afraid,And me and Zhao Gang,Uncle Zhu, let’s take care of you,The police can’t help taking a patient,And don’t contact us if you go out。”Zhang Siwei said calmly。
“but,Such a big company,Can’t sell in the short term。”Zhu Yi shook his head,Disappointed。