“Don’t call me master。”

Lin rang sigh,Pick up the iron plate to see Xiaofeng Xian:
“This is a place in gold and silver,Touching a corpse,Take the iron disk to the servant。”
“There is no other rule.,I can come to me in trouble.,You go to your own housing room!”
“Just next door,Not in a hurry,I can immediately http://www.jzdjzx.cn rush.。”
Lin Nong doesn’t want to talk more,Randed up on the grass,No longer。
“Do you know why I redeem myself??”
Haven’t replaced why,So the shackles of the constraints on the forest are still,He sat up and stared at Xiao Fengxian,Murder。
If Xiao Fengxian does not cherish the programs that come and not,Why don’t you replace her grain??
“Because I thought of you,So I decided to wash my heart.,Re-do。”
“I am not so big.。”
“Even if you do the touchstream, you will clean it.,It is better than those who are full of morality.。”
“So you are fortunate to five?I feel clean in my heart.?”
Xiao Fengxian smiles disdainful。
“In addition to you,On the meaning of the scorpion。”
“Listening to what you mean is to change your face,Re-do?”
Lin Yong has given her chance to live.,Next, she saw that she grasped。
“Not yet decided。”
Lin Xiangying saw Xiao Fengxian,This woman is unhappy。
Just thinking is that it is a small fairy in the evening.,Wishing,The servant came to tell the forest:
“Your master,he died。”
Lin ran out to stop the dead room,Staring in the bamboo pole,Gods。
The master, his old man, I have to touch the dead three years.,Can take three hundred and two http://www.what001.cn silver pension,But now。
Raise the body to put the body to the forest of the forest。
Lin ring is ready to confirm by the master of the scorpion.。
“and many more。”
“Liu Card,Any thing else?”
“Your master touched half,The rest of the half should be touched by you。”
Willingness to positive and forest。
“Since my master has not finished,The should be completed by my apprentice。”
“Filial piety。As long as this is completed,Tuen Mun, enjoy your home。”