“It’s just not so good。”Wu Fang immediately added,Immediately poured a basin of cold water on Li Tianchou’s head。

“what’s going on,Are people there?”
“People alive,Just disabled,And I’m not quite normal。When we found him,Bad health,So I want to treat him first,Let you know。”Wu Fang’s voice sounded tired,I want to come and run for days,Due to hard work。
“Just live。”Li Tianchou is not commenting on Wu Fang’s proposal。In fact, I really want to get Liu Hao back right away,This is Zhu Lei’s heart disease。But how could there be mental problems??“Won’t you admit the wrong person??”
“will not,I personally carried the wild cat over。”Wu Fang did not appear unhappy about Li Tianchou’s question,“If there is no objection, I will do it,If things get better in two days,Send people over。”
“No comment。”Li Tianchou naturally trusts Wu Fang,“I beg you for everything about Liu Hao,I won’t say thank you。Come to the restaurant another day,Let’s have a good drink。”
“Ok,I love to hear this,keep in touch。”Wu Fang hung up the phone very easily。
Li Tianchou’s heart can’t be calm,It has been more than a month since Liu Hao disappeared,It’s a miracle to survive in the hands of wild cats,I don’t know how many crimes I suffered during this period,The Central Plains Committee may only understand Wu Fang。He also understands,Shen Mingfang and Wildcat,Old man Hua will never let go,He solved two problems for himself and it was a kind of exchange,At least it seems fair to the other party。
But in such a big circle,Isn’t this bad old man tired??Is this person really quirky in character?Li Tianchou is puzzled。Unconsciously, http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn the army guesthouse reappeared in my mind,Too many illogical places,But on the surface, there is no deliberate modification and concealment。Also the chief,So funny。I really don’t know what the other party is calculating,Although so far,Li Tianchou did not feel that the other party had any behavior that endangered him,But caution and caution are necessary。
Wake up early,Li Tianchou didn’t have breakfast with everyone,But wandered out alone。He did not rush to tell Zhu Lei what Liu Hao had,Thinking about finding a suitable opportunity at night。
The fresh air in the morning makes Li Tianchou’s mind extra clear,Doing chest expansion exercises all the way,Strolled to Yutang Street in the east and north of the city。
This place is his first visit,Did not expect to be very prosperous。The street is not very wide,Even messy,But http://www.wsx2.cn there are many shops on both sides,All kinds of business。Especially in the morning,Various breakfast shops are steaming,Customer surplus,Many young people dressed up as students。
Li Tianchou walked forward about a hundred meters,I can see under a seven or eight-story building on the left hand side of the street,There is a horizontal sign which is very atmospheric、Eye-catching,Letter“Happy Time Internet Cafe”。The plaque is nearly ten meters long,Across the lintel on the first floor,Is composed of large light boxes,As tall as one person,Covered the windows on the second floor。