Of course not receiving the corpse of summer。

But inform him,Maybe a lot of people will die tonight.。
Tell him in summer,Waiting for himself to enter the building for ten minutes,Let them send people to deal with the body。
Summer has already entered more than ten minutes.。
What is the situation in which they are in a hurry?。
http://www.monigaoerfu.cn “Everyone’s opinion?”
Di Fu did not mind。
“I think it is still sent to take a look.,Perhaps……Maybe I didn’t play it.。”
Everyone is speechless。
But everyone is still making a decision.,Self notice。
In fact。
No matter http://www.ksgede.cn what is willing to be willing,They have already prepared the hand in advance.。
After a moment,Several trucks have drove from the villa below,Slow near the building。
These people have done two hands。
Never wear a tool,There is no hormon,Two hands……Express sincerity。
That is to prevent accidents。
In case……What is killed in the summer??
Things that the sacred people will not be too difficult for them.。
At this moment。
A few big trucks have continued to jump,Add up about 50 people。
They are all temporary……Corpse。
“Everyone can act in the machine.。”
The name of the team is known as Fan Hof,It is Di Fu’s hard work。
He looked at everyone,Extremely dignified between the look,“Although I don’t know what happened.,But there is also a number in your heart.,Be careful,If you encounter a http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn burst,Don’t panic,Don’t resist。”
Everyone is silent and nodded.。
They collectively travel to the hall of the building。
Walking is not fast,Even a little careful。
Fine until entering the hall,No one has a preference。
They are all stunned by the scene in front of them.。
Spacious hall,Bloody flavor is abnormal,Even disgusting。
The air even drifted with deep blood mist。
This is not the most important。
At this moment, in all of them,Passive maiden a large piece。
Blood has already dyed smooth ground。