“Liu Xiaoyun!Do you wanna live?Believe it or not, I killed you?”

Shen Ruoxue blushed and asked loudly。
No one dared to speak……
“Small milk bag!Do you think I am afraid of you?Come come come!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s reluctant answer,But once the words are finished,She has retreated far away from Shen Ruoxue,Even if Shen Ruoxue wants to attack her,She also has enough time to escape。
“You dead meatballs!”Shen Ruoxue gritted her teeth and finished,Rushed towards Liu Xiaoyun!If these two girls formally fight each other,It must be a wonderful fight!Because now these two girls are on the same level,No one is better than anyone,who else
No worse。
But Liu Xiaoyun turned around and ran away……And run faster than rabbits!These two girls are chasing each other,An escape,Ran away in a blink of an eye。
“These girls,What a couple of treasures!”
Qiangzi looked at the back of the two chicks,Exclaimed。
Yang Zhi suddenly appeared two words from his mouth!
“It’s enough!Yang Zhi!I don’t want to say anything about you!”
Qin Liang“despise”Looked at Yang Zhi and said。
“Is it cute?……Don’t you think so?”
Yang Zhi’s tangled question。
“We also think they are cute,But we don’t think you are cute。”
Qin Liang said disdainfully。