Xiao Jie was in the instant shape of her arms.,Look at her side,I heard what she said.,Spiritually dull coagulation,It’s like frost snow coverage,冰 冰 冷 meaning。

Yan Zhi stands not far from him,God『color』Hidden『chaos』,Soon and restore a strange look,Just barely fearlessly pair in his sight;The other hand gathered a sword,It seems that it is always possible to pull the sword。
Xiao Johi miniature,Deeply looked into her eyes,An emotion that does not dare to confuse,One word, slowly asked:“What do you think I want to do with him??”
She is so nervous,Is it expected that he doesn’t have a good meaning??
He doesn’t like the star,More faceful, they are only after the intimate scene.,The heart is even more than the stars.,妒 and disgusting。
But he moved this,Unremnable mind,But thinking about the stars as a foreign disciple.,It is not easy to practice;If it is the spiritual loss,When you find a way。
in this way,He specially come to see the situation of Yan Fengxing.。
Wen Yan,He won’t be more and more。
No one can misunderstand him like this,Don’t。
But the branch is not。
Just look at her horizontally waiting for the scenery,He is hard to say that,Continue to make a stunned sharp pain。
Explore the temperature derived from a head of a head from the corner,Shake the shaking head,Wholly,“Xiao Shi, this is really a lot of money.。”
Kong Xinyue,Be careful、If you like a silk authentic:“Shu Jing Xiao Shi,Don’t you intend to find trouble??”
Wen Yan saw her away from:“How can you think so??”
I want to come to Kong Xinyue and Yan Zhi, have been chasing Xiao Yao.,Also not dealt in two sides,Wen Yan is enough to know enough to understand Xiao Ji like,Nowadays, it is not。Not only the branches misunderstand Xiao Jie’s meaning,Even Kong Xinyue issued this question。
Xiao Yao entered the house,Distance is away,Not so easy to hear,Obviously Xiao Joh is now, there is no time to pay attention to the environment。
Wen Yan low voice:“I really know the time I know Xiao Jing.,From the last time I went to the secret city, it is not only a month.,Su is coming to hear him because of the family,People who are proud of people。I gave him a top school with him.,We are deceived by the mortals that we are camouflage.,Fall into dangers,The brother of Xiao Shi has two injuries.;One of the more scars,It is to save the people。”
“This move doesn’t matter what it is.,Non-neutralization can’t experience the rigir of the situation with him.。At the time of the time,I am inevitably,He has not hesitated……How messing about Xiao Shi is approximately close『sex』son,But the heart is clear,Breeze,It is true like it is。”
Kong Xinyue stayed,The mood is in the heart, I can’t speak for a time.,I only have a thought about it.:I don’t like the wrong person.。
It seems that she is giving up Xiao Yao,After turning, I like Advisor and Qi Xingxing.,Actually, it is just a moment of rise.、Hanging in the mouth,Can achieve,No loss and special emotions。
Only Xiao Yao,It was she carefully liked.,The person who is saddened in secretly。
There are many reasons for giving up.,Interlacing is not good together。only,She is king that Xiao Jie is so eager.,不 不 感 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏 唏,At the same time, it inevitably gives birth to a little subtlety and honor.——I used to like people,It turned out to be a good person。
The nearest branch of Xiao Yao felt this life http://www.ahdx10000.cn containment、But not control『dew』Anger。
Xiao Yao is obviously angry, no self-control,Because he said, he opened the hand of the branch.,The action is not large,But very firm。
His chest is dramatically undulating。
枝 以 为 他 他 他 他 狠 狠。
Xiao Yao quickly got a hurry,Quotation and low and fast:
“You don’t worry,I will let the teacher come to the brothers.。”
Quickly finish this sentence,Xiao Yu turned and left,There is no half of the action,The figure will soon disappear in the field of view。
The temperature derivative in the corner is hidden at the same place.,Just see Xiao Yao straight to the hospital,All things to pay attention to。
Kong Xinyue rate breaks the silence,Slip out:“Let me see the teacher.。”
竹 正 正 缓 气 气 气,She was actually shocked by the momentum of Xiao Yao.,Such a risk to http://www.canyinb.cn think。
Yan Fengxing looked at her,Hesitate to ask:“are you OK?Xiao Shi brother……Don’t go see it??”
Hands hidden in the sleeves quietly relaxed。
If Xiao Jie is really ahead,What hidden demon is not necessary to take care of it,He must go down.。