“This sounds tired。”

“Who is she??”
http://www.victoriafashion.cn Beautiful girl working in a chess room next door to my home。”
“This way.。”
Although the http://www.lygfk.cndiscipline has confirmed that Qingdao deer is a professional player,But later,She is worn as solemnly,Should not want someone to recognize her,Not because of a cold,So, don’t reveal her name.。
As for why she works in a small Goroom,I don’t know how to know,Maybe there is a leisurely,Or experience civilian life。
Today’s event is fast,Dinner,The whole people collectively solved in a biased fast food restaurant,Similar to the domestic Yoshino home,But the taste is the local taste of Erriege,The breath of adding soup is quite strong,Various algae vegetables into the bowl。
This is a small feast feast,If the Lord will fight,And Daqing Banquet,Apply for community funds directly to the school,spongy bone。
Over half a day,Ke Lande has also begun to think about the trip tonight.。
The goal of this evening is Blackfang,That is, the underground commercial street。
The location of the treasure map indicates there,Just now, the land of the swamp has come to the wall.,Tonight is already on the string,By visiting the past。
Although there is a legal,But this place is written on his face.,And involving gray industries,I must also have some dangerous,This anti-wolf spray is not enough to play。
I have to find a bodyguard.。
Watercort will definitely not bring。
Although the person’s character statement is clearly labeled in the card,But it is just a girl,Can’t affirmed。
“Predecessor,I have to find you with you.。”Corporation is small to make a flat life,Although this person is a hidden cat slave,But the physique is there。
“Say,What is the big brother?。”The flat life is checked.。
“I will go to a place.,12Click here to open,I hope you can accompany me.,May not be at home。”
Flat life listened to。
12Point to open?
Not at night?
After a serious thinking,Pali life:“Are we going to the place really??”
“Then the genius will fight,Tomorrow is a rest,Tonight is the only chance,It is best to go tonight.,Of http://www.npeople.cn course, it is really dangerous.,I will look at the retreat.。”Cuisine is cautious。
There is such a thing on his tactical panel to see the situation.,People,Don’t give up the retreat option easily at any time,No matter how arrogate before the game,I have to run。
Moreover,Even if you really run,Needless to feel the face,Just put the main pigeon of the swamp,Let him wait for one night there,This seems to be very cool.!
“Have you been to the place before you??”
“no,I am the first time.。”
It is reasonable to think about it.,This kind of life is,Either a day before the game,Either a game for one night。
Before the game,Just celebrate,Before the game,Just give yourselfbuff,I wish you a martial arts Changlong。
And tomorrow is a rest,Just recover physical strength。