I can’t take the direct younger brother sister.,So the dragon volume can only use the old way,For your brother sister。

But I blow to this night.,Also showing it doesn’t matter。
Because the night http://www.rengangkeji.cn is nowhere,Don’t mention the outer waves.。
Blowing snow to take care of the seriously injured younger brother,I haven’t participated in recent recently.“Snowfall group”Business,So this ban is for them.,No threat。
And the dragon roll is very busy every day.,After all, it is the highest attendance rate.,I haven’t seen them until they have been watching them.。
Just in the dragon volume, I want to blame it.,Show your own brother sister,Doorbells that don’t ring at home,Actually!
I can’t stand the snow of my sister.,I am busy with the night’s apple.,Small running。
I haven’t got to pirute yet,Blowing snow has heard the discussion of some people in the door。
“Qi Jade teacher,Let’s go directly to visit the door.,Is it too rude??”
Jenos looks at the bald head,He also doesn’t understand,Why is Qi Yu Today’s heart?,Suddenly want to see the night。
“Jenos,Your thoughts are too rude.,Night is my friend,he is injured,Let’s visit him.,Isn’t it just right??
And we are not empty and coming.,Didn’t you see me with a condolence??”
Said that the bald head also mentioned,Transparent plastic bag in his hand,Inside the bean sprouts that he just came back from the bloody battle of the supermarket。
“so it is,Not a teacher teacher,I learned again.。”
Jenos takes out http://www.yanyangdabao.cn small books,I start the notes.。
When the snow is blown open the door,See a bright bald head,And a broken yellow hair,Out of a pair of so expression。
“Yo,Night sister,Let’s look at the night.。
look,We have also reached the condolences!”
Said that the baldness, a little bit of a pork, a few hundred yen, a large bag of bean sprouts,Sprised a face,I’m going in.。
“excuse me”
Jenos looked like a snow,Also followed by Qi Yu’s pace,Leave a blushing snow,Looking at the bean sprouts in my hand。
“Is this a condolence??”
Make a reason,Qi Yu is nowaLevel hero,Jenos issLevel hero,The life of the two should not be so embarrassed。
But Nijenos issLevel hero,His equipment is also expensive.,Want to become strong,I have to pay money.!
The bald head is more speechless.,Received tasks each time,Rest result,The http://www.guang618.cn geeks are not taken by people.,It’s no one.。
I want to get rewards.,Events must be resolved,The bald head is almost empty.。
Old days is like joking with the light head.,The geeks required by each task can’t touch,It’s all other geeks.。
And when the light head takes these other geeks to reward,Hero Association said,Not a mission goal,Can’t provide reward。
So the bald head is sad.,In a few days, they estimate that even bean sprouts can’t eat.。
This is very simple to visit the night.,Nominally visiting friends,In fact, it’s just playing the autumn wind.,For this purpose, I also endured a packet of bean sprouts.