“Who told you that Wang Shu was not true to the world?Those http://www.fqrvtu.cn experts、Grandmaster?”

“People are all the same,Really ridiculous。”
“Keep your eyes open,Take a good look at what the original is like!”
Finished,Unfold the scroll to http://www.slmnet.cn the end。
The end of the volume,Three elegant characters like dragons,Clear and eye-catching。
“Yi Shao Shu!This is the name of Wang Shusheng……”
“It is said that during the Eastern Jin Dynasty,No seal habit,So Wang Shusheng’s works,Are signed with their own font size。”
“Oh my God,Have this signature,Even fake,That’s priceless,Rare in the world!”
“I have seen it hidden in the Liao Provincial Museum《Long Live Tongtian Post》,Known as the peerless treasure closest to the original Wang Shusheng,There is this inscription,Are we going to witness a peerless treasure come out today??”
An eyeful person,All showing shock。
Two senior appraisers with gray hair in Qiantong auction house,Come by,Walked to Chen Xiu。
Dignified,Watch this pair《Preface》,Look more and more shocked。