126 Fall into the water

“I really have no money!Why do you force me?”President Zhu reluctantly picked up a cigarette,Hand over forehead。
“No money?I have a way,may,Maybe,should……I think,As long as I show your wife the pictures of us sleeping together,You have money,right?”Fang Na smiled sadly。
“you……”Mr. Zhu shuddered by her smile,Knowing that I was caught。
If it weren’t for more wine that day,Fang Na has been tempting him,He will not make such a low-level mistake,When he saw the picture of himself and Fang Na lying on the bed,I knew I was going to be controlled。
“I’ve set the time for you,Just tomorrow afternoon。”Fang Na finished talking and walked out of the company with a smile。
Mr. Zhu looked angry at Fang Na’s back,The more I think about it,Finish a cigarette,Smashed the ashtray to the ground,Shards of glass flying all over the ground。
“what happened,Mr. Zhu?”At this http://www.cdczjx.cn time the assistant heard the voice,Run over and ask。
“Nothing,Nothing。”President Zhu shook his hand,terribly upset。
The assistant hurriedly asked Procter & Gamble to come and clean up the ashtray debris,Mr. Zhu said to the assistant who followed in,“After you finish,Set up the meeting room,The company will have a press conference tomorrow。”Finished,He spins the boss chair,Facing the wall。
“Mr. Zhu,You are really fine?”The assistant stood behind and asked uneasy。
President Zhu shook his hand,The assistant went out。
Xia Yueshu who lay in bed all day,In the evening,Sunset,Also want to go for a walk,Out the door,I don’t know where to go,Thought for a while,I have to eat anyway,Why not take care of Chunmei’s business。
Thinking like this,Just walk slowly to the night market,Chunmei’s stall has been set up,She sits there smoking,She always http://www.fu1314.cn just is busy giving customers fried rice。