Passed a few men on the sea area,These people are Ye Tiancang,Li Wei,Dongxing,Xu Feng Lei。

“See the president。”Four people saw Lin Feng arrived,Ritual。
“Leaf old,Xu Lao,Li Shu,Dongxing,You don’t have to polite。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Now go back to Huaxia。”
“it is good!”Ye Tiancang,Xu Fengli,Dongxing,Li Wei gods a few people have been relieved.,It seems that Lin Feng is only affected when he is inherited.,It has been restored.。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,The gorgeous lotus change under his body is incomparable,Directly cover the figure of several people,Then the four people came to the overland island.。
Jiuwang sounds sound,Nine strong zombies have risen to the golden lotus of Lin Feng.。
“Amitabha。”There are a few old men and the old people on the Shandong Mountain looked at Lin Feng’s golden lotus.。
Obviously, Lin Feng practitioned is the authentic Buddha.。
Lin Feng looked at these sorghum,Nodded。
“Allocate,gone。”Tang no trace smiles looking at the people。
Unqualified master,Fei Xiange is waiting for him to hear,Directly rushing into the sky,I have disappeared very quickly.。
Lin Feng looked at the direction of everyone disappeared.,His figure is also rushing up,Scene lotus bloom under the foot of the foot。
“Finally fly。”Lin Feng muttered in the heart,There is a dream from a child.,Fly,Soaring in the sky。
Now this wish is finally realized.。
“immortal?”Lin Feng couldn’t stand the fairy in the TV.,These gods,In fact, it should be the cloud group that is condensed.。 One-day tour Sanshan Five Mountain?
Now you can do it.。
Today’s own eyes should be a god in the eyes of the world.,However, Lin Feng knows that he is just a far-reaching person in the military practice.。
Thinking of the golden lotus at the foot of Lin Feng disappeared,Instead, it is a blue area.,With powerful current,The blue area is like a lightning imprint.,Take the air and take off to the sky。
The speed is not under the major golden forces。
Soon Lin Feng disappeared in the sky with these people,There is a huge black title on the International Times on the same moment.。
“Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, Lin Feng steals five poisonous skills,Mixed Daily Heart,Preliminary cultivation!”
The post under the post, the Lin Feng calculation five drug teaching,Cobster,Tailor family,Lin Feng secretly killing the truth,Recently, Lin Feng is secretly killing people.,and many more,A series of facts。
The person who is jointly posted is the stick,Braiseon,Midnight Merry Bells!
This post is issued,Sudden explosive storm,This post must be exploded than any time.。
“Depend on,It can not be?”
“Lin Feng will heart,Five poisons?”
“South America provokes five poisonous education and sticks,War between Tailun family?I finally captured the magic knife!”
“My day,The people who have been killed,Leading to Tong and five drugs,Both sides are injured so many people,This last true is actually Lin Feng.。”
“I rubbed,After the people of the gods, people and Lin Feng traded,Actually killing,God soldiers were taken away,Lin Feng?”