It seems to be stationed at this moment.。
A dead silence in the box。
Dead and quiet。
Quiet can only hear two rough impersonation to find oxygen breathing。
Lin Zizhi is out of color with Hu Tiejun。
Everyone in the box is straight。
They look at the shape of the summer in the summer,It seems to look at the devil from hell。
Between the heart,It is fully occupied by an emotion called fear.。
At this moment。
I only see the summer arms stretch,High-spirited,Ten fingertips。
In front of him,A wall,Wall,Two people。
And left and right hands,Tightly buckled the neck of these two people。
It is Lin Tianlong and Hu Tian。
They were stained in the wall。
The face of the two is http://www.dingchengsm.cn pale,There is no blood color,Bean sweat,It seems like a tap water that does not want money.,Tick answers flow,Instantly soaked the whole body。
Make a big mouth,Trend to find oxygen,Two legs are in the air。
One drop of cold sweat from the cheek slippery floor,Emit,Broken the original quiet。
but,Lin Tianlong and Hu Tian struggled http://www.shulekai.cn more powerful,A face is congested because of suffocation,Iron blue black,Black in the darkness of the seepage。
Both of them felt that death is gradually coming.。
This is not true。
This is an illusion!
Now now,Even if they are fool,Also understand what the other party is arrogant。
Shock,anger,regret,Be a……Various mood is in the heart。
Want to die??
Well regret it.。
Two people’s urine,There have been signs of failure。
This is not afraid,But the death of people,The body’s neuromuscular and organ lose functional function。
Summer face,Slowly get close to two people。
Three people almost face,Face。
“I heard that you have mixed with Liu Sanshui.,But recently rumors……Liu Sanshui was killed。”
Summer slightly,Twist neck,Use only two people to hear the sound road,“Do you know how he http://www.bellivip.cn died??In a manor called the sea,A small wood,It was reversed the neck,Just like this now……”