“The master is absent,Let’s go to his office, right??”

Swallow asked tangledly。
“Actually nothing,I have visited him several times before,When he is busy,I was waiting for him in his office by myself。”
Murong Shan said disapprovingly,Actually she didn’t tell the truth completely,She was not alone when she was waiting for Professor Yang in the office,And her housekeeper and bodyguard Liang Bong is by her side,It’s just that she deliberately hid this and didn’t say it。
“It’s past eleven now,I guess it will be a little while,Xiaoxue Xiaoyun should come out too,Even if I go to Professor Yang’s office, I won’t wait long,Just go。”
After Qin Liang checked his watch,Said to everyone with a smile。
“Won’t you go?”
Shen Ruoxi frowned and asked,She didn’t call Qin Liang together just now,Not deliberately,It’s just that she thinks Qin Liang is her husband,She doesn’t need to call him,Qin Liang who called or called should naturally follow her。
“I won’t go now,I smoke a cigarette downstairs,By the way, continue to stroll around,Look around。”
Qin Liang replied casually,Then I looked down again。
“What do you smoke?!Here is not outside,This is Renjia Research Institute,You better stop,And don’t go around,Sister Shanshan said,People here is a highly confidential place,Without Professor Yang,Don’t just go around,Not very suitable。”
Shen Ruoxi is very polite and small“education”To Qin Liang,But what she said is still very reasonable,In the human field,It’s better to pay attention to everything,Although Professor Yang is also a casual person,But even if they don’t say anything,You still have to respect others, you still have to maintain respect。
“Ugh……OK then,you’re right,I don’t smoke anymore,I went upstairs with you to stay。”
Qin Liang replied helplessly,It’s rare that Shen Ruoxi is so kind to reason with him,He will definitely give Shen Ruoxi face,Besides, he didn’t have any addiction to cigarettes,Smoking for him,It’s just a way to relax。
Under normal circumstances,Usually soldiers of this profession,You can’t have the habit of smoking,Because when they go out to perform tasks,There is a high possibility that the task will fail due to this bad taste,And even cause war injuries and deaths……
“Then let’s go。”
Murong Shan breathed a sigh of relief,Greet everyone with a smile,She has always worried that Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi will have conflicts and awkwardness because of the quarrel just now.,This is just great,It seems that the young couple did not feel grieved by what happened just now.。
Came to Professor Yang’s office,To be precise, a study and office,The first time I came, Qin Yukang looked strangely,And the three girls are much more stable than him,Although curiosity is also one of the natures of girls,But these three girls are very conformist。