He Jiayi instant language,Laugh:“I am afraid this is a bit difficult.,Wang should know,This is already the lowest standard we can give.,You are going to find other brokers,It is impossible to lower much less.。
Wang Guo can change a condition,except this,Others can talk about。”
Wang Liu naturally knows,Goldman’s position,Can put the underwriting fee to15,Already the limit is,It is impossible to decrease,Other brokers are possible,However, the issue may not be higher than that.。
Compared http://www.wchats.cn to below,Still choose Goldman Sachs is the most secure。
As for other conditions……
Compared with the underwriting fee,Others can be ignored,For this money, go to the jrants,Anti-reversal。
Wang is lazy, go more,Fast:“just kidding,He always has done a lot of concessions,I am more like,Anti-reversal。
Don’t talk any more,HeavenIPOUnderwriting work,I will hand it over to He Gong.。”
He Jia is a comfortable tone,Hihoeng:“Thanks to the general trust of Wang,do not worry,I must work hard to do well underwriting work.,Just now, Wang always wins me a cup.,Now I am also launched,Dangdong total a cup。”
“Then I should also talk to He always say‘You’re welcome’?”Wang Liu haha smiles,Triumph。
Underwriters are determined,The king will then repeat Li Xiangtao,Let him contact He Jiayi,Place a follow-up listing,And issued an announcement,Personnel announced the http://www.hunterconstrong.cn underwriter。
Explosion a long time,Also finally stopped。
However, there is no waiting for Wang.,A new round of trouble and find a door。
“Total Wang,Is there a time in the afternoon??long time no see,Come out together?”
Hongxing Branch。
In the office,Wang Flow looks at the sales plan,The place in Dongcheng District has been started for more than two months,The pre-sale certificate is also applied.,Pre-sale,Be arranged in advance,Jiang Chengyu suddenly came to call。
“Afternoon??May not be too good.,I am still working here.,Can’t open,Waiting for another day。”Wang traffic refuses。
“Don’t,I said it is not going to work in the afternoon.,But after get off work,This should always have time.?I am all arranged.,Just give me a face,Come and play together,How about it?”Jiang Chengyu strong invitation。
Wang Liyou,Suddenly I understand,So warm,This is certain that there is something to find him to help.。
“Jiang Shao, are you looking for me??”Queen Wang。
Jiang Chengyu suddenly resolves,Awkward road:“A little bit,Not very convenient in the phone,Still waiting for the face and tell you.。”
“alright,Afternoon,Where is it??”
“Jiuhuashanzhuang,Time you are free,What time is it?。”
I have been here for so long.,Jiuhuashan Zhuang Wang also has been a few times,Know this is a high-end resort in Beijing.,Among them, the hot spring is one。
Near October,In the evening, the weather has gradually turned cold.,In the past, it is not bad.。
Wang Dik:“Got,Waiting for me,Take time。”
“it is good,That can be said,I am waiting for you there.,Come to call me。”Jiang Cheng Yu Xinxiang。
Wang traffic should sound,Put down your phone,Hand handled the Sinkway in the hand:“Good plan,Execute it according to the plan。”
The Beijing Branch is only built,The department is still incomplete,No sales,To pre-sale,Can only be taken from the headquarters,Xin Rui as the Director of Sales,I personally brought it from the past few days ago.。
“it is good,Have nothing,Then I will go back first.。”Xin Rui took the program。
Wang flowing:“Go back first。”
Xin Ri nodded,Turned and just wanted to go,Just listen to the king suddenly:
“correct,After get off work, after work,I want to go to Jiuhua Mountain Villa.,You have been busy with planning programs in these days.,Do you want to go together later?,relax for a moment?”