Summany has a lot of doubts,I took a noddle,“good,I will convey,Is there anything else??”

The good sound looks deeply in the summer.,“My task has been completed,Don’t pass this.。”
“Take care of yourself。”
Summer boxing。
at the same time。
One of the most prosperous countries in Europe,Nuewe said the name is actually。
This country improves high-level services and education for ordinary people,Reduce corruption,Reduce unemployment rate,Improve life standards,Visitors attract countless people coming。
now,Nuewe capital,Oswalu。
A high-end coffee house standing in the central block,Martin, president of the Great League,Extremely unnatural sitting on a chair,Some of the black women who are looking forward to the opposite。
“Your courage is not small。”
Black woman is still with a mask,Clear and cold voice,It turned out to be appreciated,“Dare to take the initiative to see me,Not afraid that I kill you??”
Martin’s mouth。
After the end of the call with Bruce,Martin’s first order,Transfer the major divisions of the gods。
But a lot of things,Not a mouth,Immediately。
Transfer segments require the same secret place、Personnel evacuation、Data transfer、Transfer of equipment……These are big problems。
Moreover,As long as one moves,I will leave a spider silk mushroom。
How can I catch up?。
No way,Martin gambling a big。
Take your own life and then gamble。
He took the initiative,And in the dark, please see the black woman。
I heard the other party at this moment.,He doesn’t know what to say,In short it is very confusion。
If Bruce tells the true words,So this black woman in front of you,It is the girl’s emperor’s nine!
19-year-old,But the truly war has surpassed the hole。
Sometimes Martin is thinking,This world,How can there be such a person?。
“Why don’t you talk?。”
Black woman ends coffee,Gently blow a few times,But did not drink。
“Your Mightiness,Bruce contact me not long ago,Tell me some things,I am also looking for him.,But I really can’t find it.。”
Martin even said a secret,“In fact,Fifty years ago,I am killing Bruce who kills.,I didn’t think,It is a substitute for killing.,He has been swindling this matter,I am also just known.。”
“Oh?He took the initiative to contact you?Have you said something?。”
Black woman is slightly unexpected。
“He said……”
Martin did not hesitate to sell Bruce。
Almost no silver,Tell the content of the call。
During this period,Black women have not interrupted,Quietly listen quietly。
Until Martin finished,She has not opened。
In the box in the box。
for a long time,Black woman is not able to check the first,Clear and light road,“He didn’t fool you,Most of them are fact。”