World Preliminaries-National Football Team VS Bhutan Prospects: Away the game and score more goals to win the goal difference _1

World Preliminaries-National Football Team VS Bhutan Prospects: Away the game and score more goals
At 20:00 on June 16, Beijing time, the Chinese national team will play away against Bhutan in the second round of Group C of the World Top 40 Asian Championship.Facing the bottom-ranked fish-meat team in the previous world, the national football team won the preliminaries and there was no suspense. The key is how to win the big score is the only question.Although we have to face the disadvantages of plateau warfare, artificial turf, etc., it is difficult to prevent the national football team from winning!At that time, Tencent Sports Live will start a live video at 19:00. The famous mouth Su Dong, the current international player absent due to injury, Yu Hai, and the former Guizhou Moutai coach Gong Lei guided the Chinese team to explain the first game of the world preliminaries.National Football World Cup preliminary match against both sides: Bhutan VS China Game time: 20:00 on June 16 Venue: Bhutan Thimphu Stadium Live broadcast: Tencent Sports, CCTV-5 playing record and FIFA ranking National Football and Bhutan in historyThere has never been a record of confrontation, this is the first time the two teams have met.  In the latest FIFA rankings, the national football team has moved up 3 places, ranking 79th in the world and 7th in Asia.Bhutan ranks 159th in the world and 29th in Asia.It is worth mentioning that before the first stage of the Asian preliminaries in the World Championships, Bhutan’s ranking was long-term bottom in the world. Due to the double-game double play in Sri Lanka in the first stage, Bhutan’s world rankings rose rapidly. The 159th place is also the ball.The highest ranking in team history.Focus of the game The national football team faces two major challenges: The Bhutan team has the third highest home field in the world, and Bhutan’s home field is artificial turf. These are the two most difficult challenges facing the national football team.However, before going to Bhutan, the national football team conducted a plateau training in Kunming for more than a week, and also adapted to artificial turf, but the real test of the national football team is the upcoming actual combat.  Sweeping the goal difference into the task: The Qatar team is competing with the Chinese team for the top of the C team. In Bhutan, Maldives and Hong Kong, China has enough enough goal difference to become the important task before the two teams confront each other.Qatar defeated the Maldives only 1-0 in the first game. Due to Qatar’s bye in the second round, if the Chinese team swept enough of the goal difference in Bhutan, it would overwhelm Qatar. At the same time, it also allowed the national football team to compete in the top of the team.Colonial advantage.  Bhutan Pure Fishball team: This is almost the first time Bhutan has played in the Asian preliminaries. It has only played in the Asian preliminaries twice before. It has lost 0-20 to Kuwait and lost 2-11 to Yemen.In addition, Bhutan lost to Pakistan and Turkmenistan 0-7 in the Asian Cup and South Asian Cup, and lost to Maldives 0-5.Even Sri Lanka, which was eliminated by Bhutan in the first phase of the Asian preliminaries in the World Preliminaries, had a 6-0 and 5-2 victory over Bhutan before.  Bhutanese Ronaldo is not a threat: Chen Zhuojian, who played for the Buri South United Reserve Team in Thailand, is the most famous player in the Bhutanese team. Known as Bhutanese Ronaldo, in the first stage of the game,Chen Zhuo firmly praised and scored two goals, helping Bhutan 3-1 to eliminate Sri Lanka and advance to the top 40.But the first round of the game against Hong Kong, China, can only be counted as a semi-professional player Chen Zhuojian praised the difficulty of maintaining Bhutan’s offensive end.The other Bhutanese players are almost all government employees, factory workers, and even students. In the face of such a pure team, the national football team won the game.  His wife Lin Qin Wang Guoqiang attacked: Gao Lin left the national team briefly because of his wife, but after his wife Wang Chen gave birth to his daughter, Gao Lin quickly assembled with the national team to go to Bhutan away.Although Zhang Linpeng, Yu Hai and others withdrew from this period of training due to injury, facing the fish-bone like Bhutan, Yang Xu and Gao Lin’s breakthrough of the front line gave the opponent a fatal blow. The current national team basically keptAt the beginning of the year, the main axis of the Asian Cup was more than enough to play against Bhutan.Referee Information Law Enforcement The referee of this game is the Indian referee Rowan born in 1979. Rowan became an international referee in 2009. Nearly two players have executed five AFC Cup group matches.The first assistant referee Kennedy, became an international assistant referee in 2014; the second assistant referee Samapal, became an international assistant referee in 2014; the fourth official, Planijal, became an international assistant in 2014Referee; the game supervisor is Alpha Delhi from Kuwait.Voice Peran before the game: The Bhutan team lost 7 goals in the first game, so they will definitely have some changes when they play against us. As for what this change is, we still don’t know.Due to the different football fields, the game played by Bhutan in Hong Kong will be very different from the game we are playing now.The field conditions here make it easier for the Bhutan team to play, so this is a new game.  Yang Xu: In the past, we also studied the situation of the Bhutan team in the past. We also watched the video of their game. We feel that the strength of this team is indeed limited, but we will represent each opponent. We will gradually try our best to defeat them.To more goal difference.  Definitely Lin: We will definitely prepare for this game seriously, because everyone also knows that there will be many unknown factors on the road.Before, everyone practiced well together, hoping to eventually play a game that will satisfy everyone.Expected starting Bhutan goalkeepers: Hari Gulong; Defenders: Karu Gulong, Dawa Kenzan, Jinmei Dorje, Gamma Nizhu; Midfielders: Dawa Ciren, Tirren Dorje Karma Xiedui Ciren, PakistanSang Ciren; striker: Chen Zhuojianzan, Bartzat Chinese goalkeeper: Wang Dalei; guard: Zhang Chengdong, Ren Hang, Feng Xiaoting, Jiang Zhipeng; midfielder: Zheng Zhi, Wu Xi; forward: Song Boxuan, Wu Lei, Sun Ke;  Striker: Yang Xu’s recent record Bhutan World Championships June 11th Hong Kong China Hong Kong 7-0 Bhutan China March 17th World Championship Bhutan 2-1 Sri Lanka March 12th World Championship Sri Lanka 0-1 Bhutan China March31st Warm-up China 1-1 Tunisia March 27th Warm-up China 2-2 Haiti January 22 Asian Cup Americans 2-0 China January 18 Asian Cup China 2-1 North Korea January 14 Asian Cup China2-1 Uzbekistan (Zakumi)