Ashui’s reaction is not uncomfortable,Facing the direction,I am squatting at the ground.,The face is a pitiful expression。

“Dragon brother,I am wrong.,Ashui is not a person,Shouldn’t sell you……I should die, I will die.……”He, a snatch, tears,At the same time, 开 开 抽 自己 自己。
“Dragon brother,Look at me with your five years,You spare me again.,Once!You have a lot of people,Prime minister can support the boat,Whether you interrupt my hand or legs,Just leave me a life……”What dignity,What face,What Ning is unyielding……For life,Ahua is completely exported。
Unfortunately,His ending has been destined。
Hu Shoulong slowly walked down。
Pick up a knife from the ground。
Step by step。
See this scene,Ashui’s face immediately revealed a rich fear,Scream,“Longge forgive,Forgive……Me,I am a Hero……Not,It is the lure of being lured by Wang Tigers.,If I don’t sell you,He will kill my family.,Dragon brother,I have a small under the old.……”“There is a small under the old?”
Hu Shoulong’s mouth evoke a wipe,“What time is you married??
Who is your old?,Who is there?……”“Heap……”Ashui。
He just said that。
Looking at Hu Shoulong, the closer to the closer,Ashui Zhang Da mouth explained。
But in a word, I can’t say it.,Can only be desperately shaken,Eyes, desperate and fear,Looking at Hu Shoulong stepped by step to your nearby。
He wants to kill me!This is a message that Ahua body feels can feedback back.。
He uses his best,Stood up,Turn around and run。
Just not wait two steps,It was chased by Hu Shoulong.。
“I remember to make a bottom line.。”
This is the last sentence he heard.。
Hu Shoulong grabs his hair,Put the sharp blade,Easy, like a broken paper like his throat。
Blood splash。
First2153Chapter Duke’s suspicion
Ashui died。
For his original place,Pay the price of life。 Life is like this。
Always face a lot of choices。
People have ambition is not wrong。
But learn to trial,Enrich itself。
One-step,Step by step。
Even things that have not happened tonight,His future position will not be high?。
Whether it is a mixed,Still other fields,This kind of back letter is abandoned,Really difficult。
As a sound。
Hu Shoulong threw the knife on the ground,Summer,Trend your own mood,Grateful laugh。
“Thank you。”
Summer nodded,Remove the foot on the back of the Tiger,Faint,“I am now in your turn.。”