“Stop pretending,What is the big task?Will it conflict with me??Where’s Old Xiao?”

“Others accept others,I take mine,No conflict。”Liu Qiang broke free from Cui Zhongguo,Slow forward on a bicycle,It’s like riding for thirty meters,Stopped by the road again,Take out a crumpled cigarette,Draw one point on,Just squatted on the wall and rested。
Cui Zhongguo has got a clear message,Two cases,One yard owned by a yard,No interference,So I can’t catch up and ask endless questions,It will delay other people’s affairs,But he always feels very unreliable,All on the project,This operation is all at the same location,Limited resources,Fully capable of joint operations,Why don’t you breathe each other beforehand?
Fortunately, Xiao Yadong also arrived soon,As soon as he jumped out of the car, he noticed that the atmosphere was wrong,I swept around inadvertently,A little bit in my heart,There was an ominous hunch immediately,so many people?Is it here to deal with Li Tianzhen??
Old Xiao quickly saw Liu Qiang squatting under the wall,The http://www.czshunhao.cn other side grinned at him,I even spit out the smoke ring very coolly,Make Old Xiao even more disturbed,Two people didn’t say hello,No need to say hello,Xiao Yadong feels like a mirror in his heart,The appearance of Liu Qiang,One hundred percent is for Li Tianzhi,No need to think about everything else,He even blames himself,Was it too reckless before??These people are not good,Inevitable,And Li Tianzhen’s temperament is extreme at this time,Will there be any irreversible consequences??
“Team Xiao,Thanks。”Cui Guozhong’s greeting immediately pulled Xiao Yadong out of his thoughts.。
“Team Choi is polite,All for work,How is it going?”
“Building Two,In the community。”Cui Zhongguo made a gesture to his side with his thumb,“It’s an old five-story tube building,The suspect is on the fifth floor506,My people are staring at him,Nothing http://www.xsd-space.cn happened right now。”
“Figure out506Is the situation inside??”
“506Is a single room,Area twenty bungalows,This guy hasn’t been out since returning to the room at noon,Nothing happened,The curtains are tightly drawn,Hard to observe。”
“How long has it been in this state?”Xiao Yadong and Zou frowned,This reminded him of the Home Inn Hotel,Similar situation。
“About two hours,You haven’t met*Bother?”
Xiao Yadong smiled bitterly,With the appearance of Li Tianzhen,*Annoying has become a little trouble,But sacrificed a colleague,Many things are hard to say,Had to be vague,“Monster bloodthirsty,And the individual is very capable,Bullet can hurt it,But it’s hard to kill it completely。”
Homecoming Hotel,Xiao Yadong has a deep understanding,That perverted guy doesn’t know how many shots he got,Still fierce,If it weren’t for Li Tianzheng’s http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn high-tech stuff,,It’s really hard to kill each other。It’s hard to understand in retrospect,Such a short time,Liu Changyou will be so severely infected,Is it a monster or a new type of destructive virus?,He can’t say clearly,But I would rather believe it is the latter。
“What do you say?”Cui Zhongguo puzzled。
“The key to this monster is hidden in the body,very……hidden,Hard to find,If you can’t hurt the vitals,Just can’t kill it。”