One of the biggest difficulties that quantum computers cannot run continuously is the inability to effectively and quickly correct errors.。Quantum phenomena are very fragile and error-prone,And the error may spread quickly and severely disrupt the computer。

But if the law of quantum transition can be found,Can search and correct the quantum computer before errors occur,This provides a new basis for the error correction of the entire quantum system。
of course,The premise is still to be able to prove this。
“Ok,We will work hard to keep records in accordance with the procedures。”Sister Yan nodded,Accepted the task。
After all, her current salary is paid by Wang Yufei’s company again,And the details of the entire experiment have been sent to her。Just follow the steps strictly。
“Everyone works hard,We strive to complete all preparations within one month,And began to build a quantum brain that belongs to our laboratory,Thanks again everyone。”
After this simple meeting,It also announced that Changxiang Technology’s Quantum Brain Lab has officially started operation。
Of course, in addition to laboratory work,There is another very important job for Wang Yufei,Brain Machine Society。
It’s already late August,Huaqing also ushered in the school season。
Yes,Huaqing is among other universities in China,Always start school with the shortest summer vacation,The first batch of universities。
Huaqing is scheduled to start school on August 22 this year。
Of course Wang Yufei does not need to welcome the new students,But he is still in the position of the head of the brain machine club,Especially the Brain Machine Society just got its name online,Don’t take advantage of the current online flattery,Strive in this school year,Let the Brain Machine Society gain a firm foothold in several famous schools in Beijing,Sorry to enjoy the efforts of the entire project team of solid-state high-energy batteries。
Yes,Now the reputation of online brain-computer society has completely reversed,No new recruits before,And the decision not to accept project applications for the time being is naturally invalidated。