Say,The night is still the enemy with the three generations of nunchae.。

When he came to this world for the first time,The bottom is not deep,It is three generations of water and teach him a lot of things.,It is also his benefactor.。
Although the last three generations of water shadows are dead in the hands of the big snake,But dispatching big snake pills,It is the three generations of fire。
Night myself doesn’t catch a cold for the three generations of fire.,This is an old cloudless who does not lose to the group.,I didn’t have to wash at all。
Group hidden codes is a real person,The three generations of rigs are a completely fake gentleman.。
Pair of souvenir,Going down the black hand is coming again.。
“You want to secretly transfer the child’s child,Leave some fires for Unexpo?
If this is this,I can promise you,How do you want to do?”
For the idea of night,Yuxi Bo Fu Yue did not refuse the truth,And this is indeed the negligence before they。
Those child’s child,Even if you fight,Also here is not busy,Even the legs。
Instead of being involved in the war,Not as early as possible。
“I naturally have a way to successfully transfer,Just only choose children under the age of six.。
Because people over six years old,Basically, I have already entered the Ninja School.,If suddenly disappears,It will definitely causing the attention of the village。”
Night wants to transfer the child’s child with a mess,Must have a long ventilation with Yuxi Wai Fu Yue。
Night hi is the first to transfer your child’s behavior,It is also a loophole that drills the system.,Before the night,I started the rescue action.。
His task is two,It is difficult to say,But it is simple to say that it is not simple.。
Suchomo’s foothold is so large,Once Yuxi Hosi is with Unexpected Wave,How can nights like all children at the same time?。
After discussing various matters,Night is refused to invite Yushibo Meiqin to eat invitation,Leave the house of Yue Zhiwu Fuyue。
“It seems that you are quite satisfied with the deer tube.。”
Yuxi Wom Meiqin looks at his husband,When the husband and wife have so many years,She understands her husband。
Serious Yue Zhibo Fuyue,Generally don’t talk to the teenage and Yan Yue color so long。
“If other UHHO people,There are this kid to see so thoroughly.”
Yuxi Bofeng sighed,Turn around and go back。
And because the family will,Yishabo’s current movement is getting bigger and bigger,There are also more and more conflicts with the village.。
Yuxi Wom Water is looking at the people who are more and more radical in the family.,And already ready to do the village,Resolutely find a group。
The result is self-evident,I know that I have seen it.,Water is hit by a group,Successful suffering。
After escaping the hunt,Entrust the remaining eyes to Yishe Hose,And then choose the jumping cliff suicide。
And Su Zhi Hostels have dilute the Yuxi Water of Yicheng Yousi.,Dead in front of himself,Strong situation directly stimulates his writing ring,Let it evolve“Kaleidoscope write wheel eye”。
Super genius in the family,Palm, no reason,This completely angered the Yuxi Wai。
Unlike the original,This time they didn’t suspect that Yisi Subper,It is directly that it is the village.。
A time between,The relationship between the wood leaves and the Yishusai,It is also a water fire.。
All Unexpea,Has been recruited by the family,A warhouse。
Tuang,Table in front of the three generations of fire,The eyes are glaring at another old man tied to the bandage.。
“Who allows you to do this?!I have already said.,Water is not the same as other Unexpea,And he or the grandson of the mirror,You actually get a hand!”
Grandpa Yuxi Mirror of Yuxi Woshi,In fact, I have the same as the group,All members of the same team。
It is also because of my grandfather’s edification,Yuxi wave soaking water will be so strong“Fire will”。