Qin Liang knew that this kind of thing would never be very common,Otherwise, the society will be in a mess,But since Shen Ruoxi said that,He just followed his wife’s words,After all, what the wife said,Always have to be right。

“Ugh,I don’t know when I will understand this,Can’t Sister Murong and I stay here forever?。”
Shen Ruoxi sighed and said。
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Chapter five hundred and seventy three Why did you have a fever?
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Why did you have a fever?
“Yep,you’re right,This matter must be settled as soon as possible anyway,Otherwise, it keeps dragging down such a large group of people to stay here every day,It won’t work for a long time。”
Qin Liang put away his smile,Speak up。
“All right,Husband,Not chatting with you,Otherwise, people will misunderstand why we two hide here,I went back to sleep。”
Shen Ruoxi actually wants to take a bath……
“What a joke,We are a couple,Why do you still hide in secret??You think too much。”
It’s not easy for Qin Yingcheng to talk to his wife alone for a while,Naturally reluctant to end so soon。
“But I want to take a bath……”