Zhao Chunling laughed and said:“so smart!Really put it all out。This guy Wang Erniu relies on his father to have two money,Behave in the street,Actually we have been paying attention to him for a long time。It’s just that he made these small mistakes,Up to a few days in detention,Fundamentally unable to solve the problem。I made trouble with your hotel http://www.isweethome.cn staff again last night,I’m even more comfortable with him,But he keeps on like this,Sooner or later”

“Nothing!I will not affect your execution,Just ask casually”
Xia Jian said and smiled。He feels that Zhao Chunling’s way of doing things is already very sophisticated,At least it can take into account the surrounding influence。
Zhao Chunling asked when Xia Jian said that:“Are you still sleeping in the hotel?!Getting up soon。Let’s go to Jizuishan for a walk,Where is your development project now。Ziyang Temple is about to start traveling,Don’t you want to think about the security along the way??”
What Zhao Chunling said,Xia Jian suddenly felt,This is really a problem,So he immediately said:“Where are you?I’ll go downstairs in a while”
“I’m on the road opposite your hotel,You drive over,Pick me up by the road”
Zhao Chunling said,Haha laughed。
Xia Jian hurriedly walked one window to the next look,I really found Zhao Chunling standing on the side of the road in casual clothes。I feel like she is wearing a pair of big sunglasses,It’s a bit far away anyway,Not very clear。
Xia Jian ran back to the bathroom,I washed my face quickly,Then I brushed my teeth twice,So he hurried downstairs。Hotel entrance,Two security guards are washing Xia Jian which of Guan Tingna’s red car,And http://www.mobi-x2.cn Li Yue is directing them。
“President Xia!Ready soon,You wait a while。Manager Bai, they have gone to the project,I didn’t find her”
Li Yueyi saw Xia Jian,Then he came up and said carefully。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“Nothing,I’ll take you there in a while,But from today,During our time in Donglin Township,You work with Bai Li,Help as much as you can”
Li Yue nodded quickly,She took a peek at Xia Jian,what you want to say,But when the words came to my mouth, I swallowed it back。