Towns!A knife,Not a knife,But an oval-shaped microgram。
Star chart speeds up,It seems that the compass is reversed,Leave a trajectory that cannot be captured,Rush to the black hole。
Garry is very surprised,He is inexplicably dangerous,Hurry and speed up the attack。
However, there is a horror of everyone.。
Star chart,Under the rapid rotation,Static state,What you have,As if cutting everything。
Black hole in the air is broken,The palace group of the black hole is also collapsed。
Aerial collapse。
After the collision of 10 consecutive collisions,Everyrain for stream。
Gary was almost,Vomiting blood,More is unrecovered.。
And the summer has already rushed into the crowd,The momentum is once again,Knife,In an instant, one of the masters。
http://www.51weixi.cn Follow,He launched a ghost film leaving a residue in the ground.,Skating all people,A master appearing in the heaven mountain,Knife disappears,Air machine blockade,Snake knife,A head came out。
This is the powerful and terrible situation of the cave deficiency.。
Whether it is blocked the gas machine,Still transplantation into the outside world,The power displayed,Not an ordinary master can resist。
There is no wonder that the scene is facing the Chushan River and other super masters.,Even if the rib is stabbed a knife,There are also confidence to kill them.。
Cave,Is it so powerful。
嗖,Breakthrough,Then the three people have been in the middle of the three people。
When he leaves a few seconds,Three bodies have fallen!Blood water。
Short mobile phone,The plaza is screaming in the ear,Blood has been reddish。
Bloody flavor is abnormal。
NS2733chapter Absolute field
“Kill……”The battle of the Holy Total Square is fierce battle。
Foots with hundreds of masters in the siege summer。
The sound here,I have already attracted some‘Outstanding person’。
In fact,These seven days,Many neutral forces,And some exclusive masters,Many people have come to the country of Holy Church。
Of course not participating,Instead, I want to witness my own eyes.。
Whether it is overwhelming,Still killing gods,They will get first-hand news。
Why, these days,Summer rarely fight against the sacred master。
When these people get news,Will always take a step at night。
Moreover,St. Head Office,It is not that they want to come in.。
Not long ago,Summer is not hidden,Reward from the Headquarters。
This makes it imposing the eyelve line,I want to see the lively.。
Just let them not think,Just secretly touched this place,I saw this scene in front of you.。
All are deeply shocked。
What kind of war is there?,Actually with a strong http://www.wffsj.cn battle。