And at this moment,The old man also walked in,His body transformed into a giant rhino,Yelling at the sky,And at this moment, a red spirit ring on his body also flew in the air,His flesh and blood are slowly separating at this moment, the pain makes him cold and sweaty,And now Lin Yan opened his eyes,Looking at the slowly dying rhino next to him in disbelief。

“what are you doing?Do you really want to do this?”At this time, he clearly knew that this old guy was not lying to him,He does want to sacrifice,Become your own madness,Let your ninth spirit ring exist for millions of years。
“Do you know you will be wiped out like this,I can’t resurrect even in the future,Aren’t you afraid of death?”Lin Yan yelled。
The rhinoceros that the old man turned into smiled at him at this moment,Finally a lightning bolt struck down in the sky,At this moment his body suddenly turned to ashes,A red spirit ring tightly surrounded Lin Yan’s body,At this moment, Lin Yan’s other spirit rings are all shining at this moment.,The ninth spirit ring merges with it at this moment,At this moment, Lin Yan’s ninth spirit ring began to tremble violently,The terrifying energy in the sky burst out suddenly。
Blue lightning flashes across the night sky at this moment,Because Lin Yan violated the Dao of Heaven,No one in this world can complete this fusion spirit ring,And he is about to finish,A bolt of lightning hit Lin Yan’s body,At this moment, Lin Yan sprayed out a mouthful of blood,This feeling made his internal organs all broken,He watched with satisfaction and confidence that the thunder and lightning in the air would have such power,It’s more terrifying than when it absorbed the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea。
Chapter 201 Blood Dragon Enforcer(One seeking subscription)
“Don’t you?,But the fusion spirit ring will actually attract the sky thunder,Damn, don’t be mad at me!”Lin Yan leaked an ugly expression on his face,It would be too wrong to be struck by lightning。
“boom!”At this moment, another sky thunder struck down in the sky,Lin Yan really wants to leave this damn beam of light,But I can’t move, I can only sit on the ground。
“Big brother,I won’t cross the catastrophe,I’m just a traverser, not a cultivator!”Lin Yan shouted,Of course he knows the power of Lei Jie by reading some Xiuxian in his previous life,At this moment, I actually let myself experience。
“boom!”A thunder robbery thicker than before slammed into Lin Yan’s body steadily,At this moment Lin Yan’s clothes turned into fly ash at this moment,But there is nothing wrong with that golden hair,Dancing in the breeze。
“puff!”Lin Yan vomited blood and looked at her side,At this time, the black clouds in the night sky turned blood red and surrounded the star forest,A blood-red dragon head stuck out his head and stared at Lin Yan closely,Lin Yan was taken aback in these terrifying eyes。
This is the scariest eye he has ever seen,Those eyes with icy killing seemed to swallow Lin Yan,The huge dragon head is flying in midair at this moment,The red and black runes on the body are particularly obvious,The huge dragon head spit out a red spit,The two huge dragon horns are also several meters long before,The body is hundreds of meters。
Lin Yan looked at the huge blood red in the air in disbelief,Blood red is flying around among the red clouds,At this moment, the Rank Nine Golden Dragon on Lin Yan also broke out at this moment.,All the nine golden dragons of the nine ranks are suspended in the air,Staring closely at the blood dragon in the sky。
The body of each rank 9 golden dragon is not as big as the blood,Their bodies are only tens of meters,And this is a blood dragon whose body has reached more than 100 meters。
Each nine-turn golden dragon,Growl at this moment,And that blood dragon stared coldly at the nine golden dragons in the air and roared,At this moment, all Rank Nine Golden Dragons fly upside down。