But said in the mouth:“my friend,Miss Song,She recently plans to leave San Francisco,Go to Hawaii settle,So I specially entertain her today.。Martia your lifestyle is so healthy,I don’t seem to lose weight at all.,Morning http://www.400jl.cn to swim,Jump operation is enough,Your husband is really a good blessing。”

Chen Linzhi said,Matia·Ipez neighbors introduced to Song Yuexprin。
Song Yuexing did not hear an abnormality,Hold your hands。
Matia·Ipez heard Chen Linzhi.,The back of the back is raging.,lifestyle、Swim、Good blessing,I have something to say in her words.。
Douou as she looks to Chen Linzhi,Chen Linzhi is the same as it is.,Didn’t show that even the abnormality of a little bit。
This makes Matia·Ipez suspected that it is nothing to do with his thief.。
In order to avoid,She took the initiative to explain:“Today’s weather is very suitable for swimming,My brother came to my house to visit.,Just now I am still with him than anyone.,Are you right to stand on the attic??”
【Collar red envelope】cashorCoin red envelope has been issued http://www.zqzhongxin.cn to your account!WeChat pays attention to the public number【】receive!
Chen Linzhi is like laughing,Martia·Ipez,Say:
“Um,Your brother?I can see muscles in so far.,It’s really good。I also like to swim.,Next, your husband is free.,Maybe you can hold a small party in the pool,Drink, eat barbecue。”
Seeing his eyes with a smile,Matia·Ipes thought this time is sure.
NS190chapter Beautiful dreams come true
Someone is present,Matia·Ipes is not convenient to say,Written anxiety written on your face。
Chen Linzhi saw it,But don’t give her a chance to ask。
Invite Matia·Ipez leaves dinner,Where is she appetite?,Fall away from the soul。
Until after eating,Chen Linzhi sent Song Yuezi to go home。
This round goes to Matia·Ipez began to pay attention to Chen Linzhi’s movement,Standing at the window,Full face。
Really worry。
She called her husband,I deliberately pay attention to the other party,See everything,Only, Chen Linzhi has not mentioned the whole thing with his husband.。
Ants on the hot pot,Anxious to join。
Let’s take some money to let Chen Linzhi shut up this kind of idea,All in her head is going to have a few laps.,But she also understands Chen Linzhi not lack of money.,At least a little money,It is difficult to touch each other。
I feel fast,Matia·Ipez bite the feet of the feet,I thought of the second 馊 idea
People or old people,During the time, there is no early feelings.。
Chen Linzhi changed,Song Yuezi has also changed,I didn’t say a few words on my way.,The reception of the understanding is talked in advance.,This makes Chen Linzhi some feelings。
Turn and think of the old friend Yin and Ali,It seems to be like this,In the past, there were all the north of the north to talk about the taste of Jinjin.,Recently, I can talk about only business.,Positive and quickly pull,It is a batch of new friends.。
No one thought of deliberate alienation,This kind of thing has naturally happened,May be mixed together every day,It’s rare to see it every month.。
Drive away,I almost wipe another car on the road.。
Fortunately, the other party avoids timely,See Ferrari,Two hundred percent car skills,Successfully avoided,It’s still a sentence“The dead Asian rich”。
Chen Linzhi can’t pick this,Listening to yourself,But always feel like praise。
Go home directly to the person。
The car is just stopped at the door,Waiting for the door to open,Chen Linzhi“chance encounter”Matia·Mrs. Ipezma。
It seems that it really urged her.,I don’t know how long it has been waiting outside.,Judging Chen Linzhi。
She still dressing http://www.bssea.cn clothes,Lean,Kneel next to the window,The scenery is very beautiful,So seeing more than Guang Linzhi,Come up their eyes straight。
“List,Well,How is the cookie I sent??”
“It was delicious,thanks。”
Chen Linzhi guess what medicine is sold in her gourd,It is not easy to create a situation.,Never want to make it lightly,Give a commitment to her husband。
Matia·Ipez deliberately,Whit,She now has more important things to care,Laugh:“My husband is going on,Tomorrow is coming back tomorrow.,I want to participate in a party tonight tonight.,And my driving technology is too bad.,Can you please send me a trip??”