“know,Is there any news from Song girl??”Burning ass in http://www.dylsbz.cn Peng Weihua’s mouth,Zhu Lei doesn’t seem to care。

“grass,No。Special,What day is today,Unlucky things one after another。”
“if you are free,Touch,Just in Xiao Sichuan,Lao Fu is here。”
“Grandma’s,The company was checked,You can sit still?”
“What should come is always coming。”Zhu Lei sighed,Hung up。
“What do you mean?Do you know what the situation is?,Or Fu De was hiding something from everyone?”Peng Weihua feels the other party is weird,I’ve been thinking about it for a long time,It happened that Broad Bean finished the call,Is also unhappy,“by,The phone number of the last name cannot be reached。”
“Nima’s!”Peng Weihua stomped,Anxious like ants on a hot pot,He waved to Ryoko and whispered,“Find Xue Ke at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau,What is the origin of this time,Is it related to that prohibited reagent?。In addition,Please help check http://www.siyoubolihotel.cn the fund balance in our account。”
“it is good,Don’t worry,Wait for my news。”Ryoko realizes that matters,Immediately turned and left。
“brother,Let’s flash it temporarily too?”The sensitive broad beans also smelled dangerous,It doesn’t seem appropriate to always stick in front of the building。
“Ok,go with……Ok?”Little Sichuan Restaurant?Peng Weihua suddenly remembered the address Zhu Lei said on the phone just now,Can’t help but froze,It’s been a long time since I heard this name,I wish this is the disease?
“Cough,Go to Xiaosichuan,Notify Zhang Wen。”Peng Weihua shook his head,Very helpless,Strange things keep going today,I really have to look through the calendar when I go out,“In addition,Let the bug stop first,Get out of here,The sooner the better。”
Peng Weihua finished,Jump in the car,Ran away numbly。Broad Bean told a few people around http://www.fenquanfengguan.cn him,The people broke up。And then took out the phone,Called Ryoko separately、Zhang Wen。Thought for a while,The hotel manager and lobby manager are called,serious、Explained some things carefully,Then I jumped into the car and went away。
Morning time,Little Sichuan Restaurant hasn’t opened yet,The waiter who has come to work is cleaning。Peng Weihua parked the car in a remote lane nearby,Then walked two laps,Detoured the previous chef’s passage and got into the restaurant。
“brother,You came。”Xiao Huo is already waiting at the stairs in a wheelchair。
“Where’s the old Zhuren?”
“upstairs,Who else is coming?”Xiaohuo’s words are very cautious,This made Peng Weihua frowned again。