I only know the interests,I only know that the day’s http://www.ultrageek.cn clearing angle,Anyi and numb。

This concept,When killing mad dogs in summer,Most intense。
Such a warrior……How to be called the first master of Shencheng?
Peace is not wrong,Anyi is not wrong。
But the essence of this world is the bloody weak meat.。
Once these marthesis leave the protection of Shencheng,I am only afraid that I am not as good as the warrior of other citys.,Not as good as the robber。
This is a huge cage。
Last forever,An Yi Wen,The interests and hint angles are also divided into the hearts of practice。
Be thoughtful,Wang Yuxin also sat down,Look at the summer, a lazy disadvantage,Laugh。
“Is it not used to this occasion??”
Summer shink,“That is not,Just some boring,Feeling time。”
Wang Yixin slowly converges smile,I can’t check the sigh,“summer,Sometimes I am http://www.riguangfadian.cn very envious of you.,Freely,Unlike me,Whether it is for personal or chamber of interest,I can’t help but……”Toned,She laughed,“In fact, I am from the martial arts,I am not the first, I am not me.……”Um?
Summer stunned,A little surprised。
“My family is also a very famous commercial ethnic group in the martial arts.,I have had a business with the bail.……”Wang Yixin does not know what is going on.,Suddenly I want to talk。
In fact, there is a matter of nothing.,Nothing is a bridge of the family,She was sent by her parents to Shenpu Island to go to Dongfeng。
Although Pan Dongfeng is a businessman,Also countful,Not only pay attention to Wang Yuxin,And the committee。
He is actually invested。
Just like the original in Fengpao City,Dark reminding summer,As long as the summer is not dead,I will inevitably owe a person。
So Wang Yuxin,After inspection,I think she is in http://www.fhlove.cn business.,The possibility of rising in the future。
“I am the only purpose now,Make money,Earn enough,Return to the martial art,Let the family reunited……”Her smile,Not telling how much it is suffering,How much is it?,Just take a few words。
“And you……Since you are more than the martial art,If you want to go to the Wudao Down in the future,It is the ultimate place of all the martial arts.。”
Summer nice head,“right,I am also ready to earn enough morality and go to the martial arts,correct,Can you talk to me?。”
“Eight-phase space?”
Wang Yuxin,Just talk,Suddenly。
The front of the front of the hall,And continue to stand up。
Wang Yuxin also said,Follow up。
I only see a team of more than a group of more than a team of people.,Go in the outside。