but,But the other side has emerged a world realm that is not much worse than the Yueque Yinyang Formation and the Nine Forbidden Demon Gods,They can’t resist。

Just a few moments,Sovereign appeared and turned around,But fell into despair。
of course,Now in the Nine Worlds of Red Lotus,Sovereign Red Lotus inspires a tactical restraint,Powerful energy fluctuations fill the entire world,Except for a few elites,Have long since fallen,The gods and celestial beings are also included in the cave by the elders behind them。
Except for some true gods forming a big formation,That is, some scattered ancestor gods and ancestors are still alive。
These scattered ancestors,One is insufficient,Second, there is no formation blessing,Not qualified to participate in the battle above。
And facing the Yueli Yinyang Formation led by the Great Demon God of Nine Forbiddens,Although Sovereign Red Lotus has the upper hand,But can’t separate more thoughts to save his men。
According to this development,The world god of Tibetan swords leads the heavenly star formation,Together with the three big thousand ancestors and a large number of insects and beasts,It can destroy the world realm of the Red Lotus Sect and the Little Thousand Ancestor God in one moment,After that, they joined forces to besieged and killed Red Lotus。
The worst,This time it can also completely wipe out the Red Lotus Sect’s subordinate sect。
“red lotus,Try to see if you can escape!If you run away now,I can’t stop you!”Nine Forbidden World God sneered,Another nine swords formed a sword formation to kill,Forcing the Red Lotus Sect Master to resist。
But he http://www.yizhehuo.cn knows,With the heart of the red lotus lord,If things can’t be done,Escape is inevitable。
What he is going to do,Is to entangle Sect Master Gulian,As long as he can’t escape,Facing the siege of the three great thousand ancestors and the two great world realms,He is bound to die。
not to mention,As one of the leaders of this conspiracy against Sect Master Guren,He knows that he still has a back hand to deal with the Red Lotus Sect Master!
“Friends of Xiaoshan,You will enter my cave in a while,I’ll take you away,Even a clone,Keep it at least save some treasures。”Li Ming said,of course,His escape is only 30% sure。
The upper world level battle,It’s not that one or two ordinary worlds have the ability to affect。
Although Li Ming has confidence in himself,But when you don’t use the heart formation,At most comparable to the ordinary http://www.kangliex.cn world。
“No need,Just one avatar,I have a clone,Junior sister is also in Tianqiong Eternal Realm。”A trace of sorrow flashed in the eyes of Xiaoshan Zushen。
Red Lotus Nine Worlds,But where he lived for countless years,Naturally deep feelings,He will not be pedantic enough to let other clones come to live and die with the sect—Fill your life for nothing,But this clone is willing to accompany the elders and peers of the sect to die together。